Thursday, January 28, 2010

All 3 year olds are not the same

We're babysitting this evening. Charlie's girlfriend is sleeping over and we're all sitting on the sofa eating popcorn and watching Ice Age. Turns out that Ice Age poses a lot of questions that my son has never thought of.

"What's that ice?"
"Why is that squirrel flying?"
"Why did that turtle do a poo?"
"Why are the tigers chasing that lady?"
"Where's the nut?"
"Where's the squirrel?
"Where's the baby's Mummy and Daddy?"
"Where's the baby?"
"Where's the squirrel?"
"What is that tiger doing?"
"Where's the baby's Mummy and Daddy"
"What's that?"
"Why is it snowing?"
"Are those the bad tigers?"
"Is the Daddy still looking for the baby?"
"Is that elephant crying?"

It's actually quite a worrying film for a three year old... and for a 45 year old for that matter. I'm knackered and it's only halfway through.

"What are those pictures in that cave?"


Meanwhile, Charlie sits in silence, eating his popcorn.

I love my son.



Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Lordy, just. . . damn.

What a good boy, I hope Daisy's like him :P

Iota said...

Never, ever, ever watch Mr Bean with a child who asks these kinds of questions. I'm just warning you.

"Why is he sitting on top of his car? Is that allowed? Why is he doing it then? Why did he buy the chair if it wouldn't fit in his car? Why didn't he get someone else to take it to his house?..."

It spoils the comedy, something rotten.

Anonymous said...

Just finished a Lacanian film analysis course, and can fully understand how watching Pixar can get down right existential! No chance your family's a Brideshead fan, is there? 80s miniseries of course, not the new one. Questions of an entirely different caliber arise.

Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

I like your son better, the question asker would give me the movie rage!

Ju said...

I know exactly what's like to watch a movie with a chatty 3 year old, lol bless him.

magically ordinary said...

So glad I stubled upon your blog! As a mom of boys, my goodness! No one talks that much in our home! Well, maybe I do.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That's a funny one! I totally thought it was Charlie, but that ending was perfect!

Sparx said...

Gringa - actually, he's pretty easy, so yeah, I'd reccomend aiming in his direction!

Iota - damn, woman, you made me laugh and made my mind boggle at the same time! I instantly imagined watching Mr. Bean with my son's friend and oh man would that be bad...!!!

Jennie - I've always wanted to see the original Brideshead. I think my folks watched it back then but I've never seen it.

Kim - well, I have to admit I held on pretty tight at some points and just calmly gave the same answers again and again because I remember how frustrating it was not to understand things...

Ju - oh poor you! Quite sweet thought really isn't it?

Magically Ordinary - welcome! How many boys have you? I have always rather missed having a girl in the house but now I'm feeling a little more smug...

Lisa - thanks hon! Luckily he's not that inquisitive about some things. Show him something sharp and electrified though and he's all over it with the questions and the fingers...

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed that it is Cooper who sits and watches movies completely enthralled while it is Maren who interupts with no fewer than a dozen questions. In the first 5 minutes.

Whomever said there is no difference between boys and girls clearly did not have one of each!

dulwich divorcee said...

That's girls for you! Never a move that goes unanalysed in our house - even the cat's motives are constantly explored. It's knackering x

Sparx said...

Fishsticks - I think you're right though, there's a definite difference between Charlie, his male friend and their female friends. The girls are much more inquisitive and have a real need to understand where-as the boys are pretty much happy to accept what we tell them. Hm....

DD - oh yes, and you have two of them! I cannot imagine how tiring that must be!! Poor cat. The only motive of his that gets explored around here is how long he'll accept being prodded before he runs out into the garden.

Hoto said...

So Charlie's not curious, then.