Monday, February 06, 2012

Giraffes everywhere

So finally it snowed in London; an event my son considers to be so normal that only last week he was whinging about the on-going lack of the white stuff this winter.  Compare this to 1996 when I returned to 2 inches of snow after Christmas and my cabbie told me "It's like there's blinking giraffes in Trafalgar Square".

In fact Charlie has been begging me to visit his grandparents 'because it's always snowing in Canada'; (an imbalance of expectation which my Mother has made me promise to rectify by taking him out in the summer).

Needless to say he was delighted yesterday and here's the mandatory cute picture of boy-in-the-snow to prove it.

Thankfully it's all melting now - it was lovely while it lasted but that's all the snow I can handle - 24 hours and gone, brilliant.

In other news... well I have no other news.  These are the sorry facts of my life; my child is in the 'didn't he say something cute' phase which never fails to fill me with tedium when I read it on someone else's blog and I am working full time with barely a moment for a nice satisfying sneeze.

I will however pass on something which the child of a friend of mine did the other day.  She wrote, in her own spelling (she is 5) the words to The Gingerbread Man and managed to write 'Run, run you cunt' on a single line, which frankly made my day when her mother related it to me.  I hope it's enlivened yours.