Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Now we are six

It's been a big year.  It's been an odd year, actually with quite big chunks of stuff thrown in (more another day) - and now my little spud is 6.

He's not so little, as one might guess; at least not when compared with most of his school mates; next to whom he is a veritable tower of legginess.  Get him onto a crowded bus though and suddenly he's all tiny again; perspective matters when you're 6.

We got his first report card back in June; apparently he's a dreamer and doesn't listen to anything he's told.  Academically everything was fine and apparently he's a nice boy... until the day after the report card arrived when he was involved in a punch-up in the playground.  Short term it landed him 'on the wall' (a term I had completely forgotten about) for the rest of the last week of classes.  Long-term it probably gained him a best mate; anyway, luckily the report card came first.

I fretted about the report card for a while, because it's true, he is a dreamer who never listens; but then I went home and picked up all my old report cards... and, er... so anyway we're not so worried about him anymore. 

Although maybe we should be.

Anyway, we did some stuff this summer - stuff with our families, stuff with friends who are practically family.  We travelled, we hung out; er, and we played a lot of minecraft. 

So, after everything, Charlie turned 6 and just to prove it, he managed to crack his head open just like a real boy.  Then, yesterday morning, he took his glue head into his second year of school.  Year one, here we come.