Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm writing this as a sort of a spacer; an ellipses between the 11 months of dead air which have blown through this site and an unknown period of air until the next post.

The blob, the spud, the boy himself is nearly 8.  Writing about him behind his back no longer seems quite so amusing.  He still does idiotic and very funny things.  He is obsessed with farts and cricket and minecraft and riding his bike and is desperate to start his own YouTube channel.  He's learning to code Java, he's reading the house dry of words.  He loves camping and the sea and picking blackberries and running.  He has skinned knees and elbows and likes his hair to be cut a specific length.  His report card was superlative but he's not top of the class.  He talks a lot and shouts a fair bit.  His room is medium tidy.  He loves the Kaiser Chiefs and and Dr. Who (and Dr. Seuss) and Harry Potter and dragons. He's made 5 loom bands but he's bored of them now. 

He's a boy, in other words, a 21st century boy.  He should be writing his own blog, not being written about in mine.

I have no idea what will happen to this blog next.  For us, life goes on.  The summer is nearly over, the blackberries are ripe; enjoy the sun while it's here.