Wednesday, January 28, 2009

something about tedium here please

We are constantly amazed by the things that the spud decides to like. For example at the end of his Pingu DVD there is a little promotion for a very cheesy and pretty odd group call The Wiggles and they perform this little song called, unimaginatively 'Do the Wiggle'. They're quite alarmingly bland looking young men who are joined part way through by a baffling selection of fuzzy costume animals - an octopus, a pirate, a dog... one of the chaps is just there to dance but the camera is never on him... it's highly disturbing but the spud just loves this song and we have to do the Wiggle dance over and over and over every night while he sings along. It couldn't be stranger.

We have a selection of DVDs for him to watch and about half of them are in French. This is because my Frog actually is a Frog - or at least that's how he signed his emails when we were a-courting. He is a bonafide Frenchman complete with shoulder shrugs, a moue and the Big French Finger which gets waggled at the slightest provocation and not a bug-eyed, slimy, bandy-legged man. No, he is French and speaks only French to our bounding little potato of joy and as part of our drive to make him truly bilingual, the poor spud is forced to watch French cartoons. One of them, I confess, is actually Canadian - T'choupi. The DVD is incredibly bland - almost nauseous in its lack of any interest however our little boy just loves it and can watch it endlessly.

Well this post was going somewhere because he evinced interest in something else really boring this evening (probably me) but my wifi has crashed 3 times while writing this and I have lost the will to live and am suffering from a terminal case of CRAFT disease so... night night.


Michelle said...

It is always interesting what they gravitate to. And I loved your description of the Wiggles, Sparx! The new pic of you and the Spud is my favorite so far!

She's like the wind said...

Aahhh the Wiggles, brings back such memories, I struggled to watch the Wiggles as it was so corny but the kids they loved it.

I dated a french boy for a couple of years and loved the thought of having bilingual children, Of course we fell out! My children do speak to languages thought, Scottish courtesy of their mother and 'pure Glesga' courtesy of their father!!!

Jen said...

A friend of mine bought Dylan a Wiggles CD for his birthday and I played it once and he didn't seem very enthused, which was great for me because it made me want to stick hot pokers in my eyes. It became "lost" after that.

I love that picture of you and the Spud - gorgeous!

cactus petunia said...

Oh. My. God. The Wiggles. I am SO glad they weren't around when my kids were small. They're ALMOST as weird as the Teletubbies. Eeew!