Thursday, August 14, 2008

A snip in time

Well, it's happened. The spud has had a haircut.

The balance of comments on my previous post suggested, or rather, my READING of them suggested that we leave the spud with his curls until such time as they become unmanageable. This tallied with my own desire, which was to never ever ever cut his hair ever ever so he could be strong like Samson to prioritise his comfort above all things. Ahem.

That his hair was reaching critical mass became painfully evident on Tuesday when - and to my chagrin I do not have a picture of this - his childminder delivered him to me with his hair in a perfect little topknot on the top of his head as it had been blowing in his eyes all day. When I say 'perfect little topknot', what I mean is that all his hair, every last bit, was captured in a hair elastic on the top of his head and he looked... like... er... a little girl.

Swiftly, I got the message.

Tuesday night, while the spud was happily playing in his bath, the Frog cut off his lovely locks and, it appears, with them went a whole host of conceptions I had obviously been building up in my twisted little motherhood brain about him being, oh, I don't know, the second coming, the light of the world, you know, All That Stuff. He got out of the bath and suddenly, I was incontrovertably the mother of a small boy. No wonder a good hairdresser costs the earth - if a few curls can turn an ordinary child into an angelic cherub, just imagine what a good haircut could do for the likes of me?

The spud of course doesn't know that a massive, radical change has happened to him. He continues to make the same faces but to be honest, they look a little strange now, as though some other, older child has stepped in to imitate him.

This older child is also amazingly tall. This morning while lying on his changing table having a new nappy installed he casually reached up with his feet and turned on the light, a switch which, the last time I recall, he had to stand on tiptoe on the table just to reach.

Am I nuts? I put his trousers on this morning, a pair which I thought I had to roll up three times and they don't need rolling up at all. They're for 3 years olds. What the hell are those scissors made of anyway?


Jonny's Mommy said...

I'm trying this one more time. Blogger has kicked me off three times so if you get three comments..that's why.

Anyhow, I said before that I imagine you must have cried when you saw Spud the first time with his hair cut. I know I did with Jonathan

Also, doesn't Spud have a birthday coming up in September? I think he and Jonathan are two months apart, or maybe there are a year and two months. Can't actually remember if I have Spud mixed up with someone else. But I think he is going to be 2?

Regardless, hang in there as he grows up. I know I just want to throw on the breaks for awhile with my little guy and keep him small for awhile longer.

Sparx said...

Hi JM! Got it once, not sure what Blogger is up to these days. I didn't cry but I can't yet quite throw out the curls. I've kept a couple of lovely ones but I'm not sure why, quite!

His birthday is in a couple of weeks... can't quite get over it!

Anonymous said...

I really wish there was a picture of your darling spud with a topknot.

My youth leader has just had a new baby, and her two-year-old son has started to look really tall and grown up, very strange.

I imagine him as a skinhead, but I'm sure it's not as severe as I think. I hope he's just as happy :)

Michelle said...

You capture this moment so well, Sparx! How they do grow and change so quickly?
I remember when our daughter, at age 4, decided to cut her own hair. We had to repair the jagged edges with a short little bob. It was her first real haircut so all her baby curls disappeared and she suddenly looked two years older, just as you describe. All I can say is I know how you feel!

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

I kept one of Callum's curls. It was blond when I snipped it. Your story made me go look at -- and it's the same colour as his hair is now! What's that about. Glad I have it anyway. I also have a locket with one my curls in it that my Mom snipped. Keep the curl -- you'll love having it in years to come. Blessings on your new macho manling. Helen

darth sardonic said...

hahaha you have magically and humorously caught the same thing we went through with no. 2. he had curly hair (no shit! wife and i both looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders) and we actually have pics of the topknot and side ponytails that were the straw that broke.

as soon as we cut it off, it all came in straight.

Mom de Plume said...

My daughter looked especially mischievous after her first hair cut, I remember. She also seemed a good deal older all of a sudden! Congratulations on your newly grown up big boy!

DJ Kirkby said...

When it was time to cut N3S's curls I was sad because he looked so much older. My favorite pic of him is one where his curls are backlight by the sun, he looks so beautiful!

Sparx said...

Raz - will try to get a good pic. Oddly enough, a week later and it looks long again - we didn't cut it that short. He is however still looking really tall!

Michelle - Oh! I guess it's something we all go through! Poor you though, having to cut it! I remember cutting mine at school with the paper scissors when I was five... Mum had a fit and I clearly remember lying to her that I hadn't done it!

Hi Helen! Hm... so did the curl darken with age or does he just seem to be less blond now he's older? Pics of him still look as though he's quite fair! Blessing back x

Darth - LOL! Topknot AND side ponies! That's a lot of hair!!!

Mom de Plume - thanks hon... although it's making me feel even more ancient...

DJ - that sounds so lovely, might have to try that with the spud when his grow back!

Dee said...

Hey hi, I ran into your blog while just surfing for something to read.
My elder cousin had a "egg-shaped" head when he had his head-shave!So I guess sometimes its GOOD to let the hair be.. ;)

cin said...

My daughter went from 4 years old to 8 without a haircut. I was sick of the knots and getting caught in her earrings and general rattiness after an hour at play. We cut it just above the shoulders damnit because it is what I wanted despite my hubby's pleas. It looked great... And I cried for the rest of the day. What is it about our sweet peas and their hair... the growing up... learning how to say all their words properly... it is heartbreaking and fabulous! Your spud is gorgeous, by the way. :-)

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

Hmmm, my son had beautiful, little lord fauntleroy curls until my, now ex, hub decided he needed to look like a to the baby was SHORN of all his beautiful ringlets..I cried. Found my son in the bedroom gazing at his new self...'mummy' he cried 'what are THESE??!!'. My poor baby had just realised he had ears and really didn't know what to do with them! He is now 9 and stil hates having his hair cut - his current style is kind of Steve Marriot late 60's look....

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