Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random musings from a random week.

Time is flying a teensy bit too quickly for me at the moment and I'm not talking about the sudden onset of childhood in my baby but rather the sudden onset of Thursday, which seems to be the only time I have to sit down and think. It's because I sneakily have Friday and most of Monday off every week and trying to cram work into the other three days just makes them melt away.

Unlike my midriff. As I don't have time to exercise (hell, I don't have time to brush my hair most days) I've attempted a sort of cack-handed diet consisting of a big healthy breakfast, a light lunch and then... well then it all falls to bits as firstly I join the spud in his pre-bedtime snack which alternates between fruit and icecream and then after dinner I fill up on dessert, which alternates between icecream and, well, more icecream.

Mmmm ...icecream... I'm surprised that the word hasn't entered the spud's repertoire as he knows EXACTLY what comes out of an icecream van, which cafe's in our area have an icecream counter and that, if he stands in the kitchen and points at the freezer shouting 'tha! tha! tha!' for long enough,I will break down and join him in a bucket of the stuff. He knows my weak spots, does my little spudling.

It's not all ice-cream. Sadly. Recently he's come out with a new word - 'ggeh' for 'egg', which actually means 'soft boiled egg and soldiers please Mummy' (or at least that's what I like to pretend. It probably really means 'Woman! Make me an egg NOW!'). Either way, he has been quite addicted to boiled egg and soldiers since Mum introduced them to him. He can now open the fridge and pretty much reach everything in it and yesterday, in the middle of refusing his dinner, he demanded 'Ggeh! Mummy! Ggeh!' got down from the table, went to the fridge, tiptoed down an egg and, before I could grab it from him with visions of egg all over the flat, he walked to the cupboard, pulled out the small saucepan, put the egg into it and handed it to me to put on the stove. Once it was cooked he ate the entire thing along with TWO slices of toast soldiers and then went on to finish the rest of his dinner, as though I'd made him a dinner deal that he had to honour.

We make deals like that over icecream normally. If he refuses dinner I can get him to eat at least half by promising him icecream - and sometimes he'll eat the lot if I give him a spoonful of icecream in between his peas.

I know that this would make most nutritionists shake their heads in despair but as his main snacks are raw veggies, fruits and seeds I'm not going to worry quite yet. Plus, it's difficult to refuse him when it is such a simple joy to sit next to each other eating our icecreams and giggling together over the drips, or to lie in the grass getting sticky and using our cones to point out planes.

They say childhood is fleeting but I don't know... I've managed to stretch mine out for more than 40 years and thankfully, I have an excuse to drag it out just that little bit longer now.


Anonymous said...

That was simply lovely! Bring on the ice cream!

Suki said...

Blissful post :)
And yeah, what's wrong with being a child forever?

Oh, and he REALLY brought out the saucepan as well as the egg?!?! OMFG.

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

When Hair One & Hair Two were toddlers we routinely began dinner with dessert! Don't you remember the song.... oh a spoon full of dessert/sugar makes the meal/medicine go down ..... whatever works right!?!

Love Helen
(whose blog is lonely and could use a visitor or two, nudge nudge wink wink)

Michelle said...

My mother taught me that ice cream is a very important part of the food pyramid. It's in the milk group don't you know?

bejewell said...

How much do I love that you used the word "cack-handed"?

SO much.

Frog in the Field said...

Can I come for tea?
Sounds truly scrumptious!

Sparx said...

Fishsticks - why thank you, I think I will!!

Suki - I'm planning on it for sure - oh, and yes he did indeed bring the pan!

Helen - well, hey it works! Have dropped by.

Michelle - that's great news, I will definitely include it in my diet every day!

Bejewell... why thank you. I will use it again in that case.

Frog - oh lovely! I'll make chocolate banana brownies for everyone.

Helen said...

Chocolate Banana brownies -- is there a recipe for that? Share please.

Sparx said...

Helen - Oh, yes there is... I have to find it but the main thing is to freeze a couple of elderly bananas... when you thaw them out they're liquid and they're so much sweeter. Might have to post it at some point...

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