Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A slip in time...

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Today was THIS kind of day...

On Mondays the Frog and I split the day and I get the afternoon shift. I pick spud up from the Frog’s studio after lunch and he, the spud, that is (although what my Frog gets up to in his studio without us is anyone’s guess) generally falls asleep on the way home, allowing me an hour or two to potter about. This morning I was up to my elbows in a shirty email to a client when my alarm went off. At this point, sitting in my cellar bunker, I usually have a vivid visual image of being me, only me in a massive underground bunker with a broadcasted, Thunderbirds-style countdown ‘Ten Minutes to pick up the Spud... whoop whoop whoop... Nine Minutes and Fifty seconds...” and so on.

Just indulge me.

Anyway, so I dashed off my shirty email and ran up the stairs, collected my bag, keys, phone and just then, the Frog rang to chivvy me along. And I forgot that the final step in my process was to put on my shoes. Just far enough away from the flat that going back would have meant being late, I thought to myself: ‘Hm’, I thought, ‘My sandals feel comfier than u... oh bugger’.

Yes, sadly, it was that kind of a day...

My next stellar move was to soothe my spud at around three after a nasty wake-up (any wake up is nasty if you're a spud) by lying him on the big bed and stroking his back. We woke up at ten to five. While I thought it was me who had a lot to do, I was sadly misinformed. The spud dashed off while I was straightening my face and he came back lugging the
Argos catalogue – no mean feat for those of you who don’t know it, this is 1000 pages and bigger than our local phone book and needs to be dropped at least three times.

He leafed happily through it pointing and making noises until suddenly he had an important phone call. Unbelievable. One second he was pointing at a shaver and going ‘Oh!’ and the next he was clutching his hand to his ear and saying ‘Ohhhh.... ohhhhh... wow.... hmmm... hmmm...’ and he wandered off talking into his hand and completely ignoring me. I cannot think WHERE he gets it from, honestly...

Anyway, after that I got the message that my day had been trying to post through my mental letterbox and we spent the rest of the afternoon blowing bubbles in the garden and cooking his dinner together. No phone calls, no emails, no hard shoes. I think it’s time I cut a few of the urgencies out of my days and started paying a little more attention to the gentler things in life. Like my slippers. And naps. And my spudlet.



Jonny's Mommy said...

Jonathan has got into this new thing with the phone too. I have a post planned about it for Wednesday. It is so stinkin' cute isn't it?

Shannon said...

Here's to the "gentler things". Thanks for the reminder (could that be what Ben was trying to tell me when he blocked the door to the kitchen, where the computer is? Hmm...). I'll remember the bubbles tomorrow.

Michelle said...

What a day! I'm so glad that you were able to step back and just be with the spud for the afternoon. It sounds like it was mutually beneficial.

Sparx said...

Jonny's Mommy - yes, the spud's childminder asked me 'who is it who's always on the phone? He is ALWAYS on the phone...' - except of ocurse when his grandparents want to hear him say 'hello' and then he just stands like a lummox grinning and saying nothing.

Shannon - maybe so! Think we all need a slow day sometimes.

Michelle - thanks - I think it was too.

DJ Kirkby said...

Awww...I couldn't agree more. I was trying to say something similar over on my blog but it came out nowhere near as succinctly...xo

Sparx said...

DJ - Oh, I'm sure it did!!

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