Thursday, August 07, 2008

Going Potty

Hi folks! I'm just online today to crow about two things. Yes yes, that's right, the title gave it away but I'm going to tell you anyway. Ahem.

Firstly, I am as you can see able to access Blogger again -magically my access came back and everything is well, meaning that all my favourite blogs will be getting a vist or two in the next week (there are so many, how can I keep up?!).

Secondly (and how I've managed to keep this as second in line I have no idea) the spud demanded to use his potty last night and then... used it! Hooray! He may not use it again, I screamed so loudly and so happily that he nearly pooed on the floor poor little bear. There he was doing a little wee and then the trumpets went off and his Mum squealed and danced and kissed him on the cheek and shouted for his Dad and there he was, all little and vulnerable looking as though he just might not bother again.

Still, today although he refused the potty, he pointed at the loo and stood all manly beside it but when he realised that he would never clear the rim he got all put off and walked around clutching himself for ages afterwards until he was finally able to let go. In the bath. Well he's not quite two yet.

That's that. I'm off camping for the weekend, wish me well. I'm leaving my spudlet and his frog sire alone together and while most women when leaving their husband and two year old behind for the weekend would expect to come home to a house full of unwashed dishes, smears and trainsets, I'm most likely going to come back to an apartment which has had everything Put Away. The spud will be filthy, snotty and won't have had his face washed since the moment I left... but the house will be frighteningly tidy and in need of a woman's mess touch to bring it back to life.


DJ Kirkby said...

Hurrah for Spudders! Hope you have a great time. If you find the sun could you bring it back with you please?

Sparx said...

Deej - will do! I hope I find some... have already camped in the rain once this year, hope I'm due a break!

Jonny's Mommy said...

It's awesome that he's getting ready.

J.G. still has no interest whatsoever.

He does watch is pee hit the rug before bath time, but that is about it.

jenny said...

Yay Spud!! My Youngest girl had a relapse and went back to the diapers for a while and she is asking to use her underwear again. It's about 50/50 at this point.. still has accidents and the poor couch, well, let's just say we are due for a new one after the baby is out of diapers.

Michelle said...

Hooray for the Spud! You are rightfully proud that he is figuring this all out at such a young age. I love your description of the fuss you put on for him. I do the same crazy happy dance for my first timers as well!

Mom de Plume said...

Well done Spud!!! Good for him, they seem to train quickest if it's done when they are ready!

I can empathise with the tidy house, messy children thing... it is about the same as I usually expect when I come home!!! Which suits me as I would rather sort out messy children than be bothered with house work ;)

Frog in the Field said...

I've just read the trumpets!! Ha Ha brilliant!
With 5 of us in the house we'd sound like a full blown bloody orchestra!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Way to celebrate! Let's home daddy doesn't have too many 'poo' stories when you get back!

Blogget Jones said...

happy camping!!!

Ah...potty training....I remember it. Not fondly, but I remember it!

We had Cheerios by the toilet that my son used for "targets." We had Smarties that he'd get as a reward for making it to the potty.

To this day, he calls them Potty Cereal and Potty Candy!

Good luck!
:o) BJ

Sparx said...

Jonny's Mommy - yes, pee hits carpet here too... isn't it awful?

Jenny - LOL! Sounds like a new couch will be money well spent! And one more to go as well - ulp!

Michelle - very funny! It's a wonder that they ever triy it again, hey?!

Mom de Plume - ...and he will be ready if I have to FORCE him! Lol!

Frog - I'm now looking for a potty that does a piano concerto... or should that be a 'movement' !! Something a little gentler on the nerves...

Tara - not a one, in fact, very odd. No potty stories either tho...

Blogget - Potty Candy!!! I love it! Not sure I could stomach smarties ever again after that mind you...

Conor said...

;-) Hey Sparx

Camping is alway fun. Though I think I may be getting old, I've given away my handy 2 man quick tent, and replaced it with a "Family size" I just can't seem to be able to deal with crawling into a tiny hole in the lashing rain and peeling wet lairs off myself then trying to sleep there. Much better to walk into a sheltered porch, to get the heavy wet off, and hang my coat then into the 'living room' to strip off the rest of my wet gear, and leave it to drip dry while I slip into one of the two large double bedrooms to sleep :P

Yes it is a little bit overkill for one person.. but I don't care lol.

Oh and Hi again btw :P

darth sardonic said...

woo fuckin hoo!! it's a rollercoaster ride, but he'll get it soon enough.

The Good Woman said...

Congrats Sparx - my how things have changed since my last visit!

Jen said...

YAY for going on the potty! What method did you use for potty training - pullups or underwear, potty chair, or thing you put on the adult potty, what?! I need tips.

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