Saturday, July 01, 2006

arse backwards

Into the last two months and preparations are sneaking slowly. Very slowly. Almost, in fact, un-recognisable as preparations. Seeing that the blob is now a viable baby and that lifting bags of cement when 7 1/2 months pregnant is one way to bring on early labour, you'd think that we'd at least have a few basics on hand 'just in case' but no. Why do things the right way around when you could have the baby first?

We have, however, cemented the cellar which is now sweating into itself without actually curing. The contents of said cellar are in the room which will eventually be the nursery leaving no room for fripperies such as cots and nappies.

To be fair, the cellar is much nicer. The walls are white, the floor is solid (if a few inches higher) and it will be dry one day. We've found a nasty leak at the back though so there's some drain work to be done but once we're back from France we should be able to lay the flooring and start carting things back downstairs. Which means... we can start buying stuff. The cot, the car-seat, the birth pool, the baby-grows the nappies, the stuff. You know. Stuff. All that stuff.

Our planning isn't the only thing heading arse-first into the last two months - the mid-wife tells me that blobbsie baby is back to front. Head down, which is good, but back to front, which isn't so hot. So, I get to spend the last two months on my hands and knees trying to convince him that he'd be much more comfortable if he turned around.

So, a challenge. Refit the cellar, buy The Stuff and turn the blob around. 8 1/2 weeks and counting.


Hoto said...

A Rhyme for Bird

Charlie P lies front to back,
like an upside-down little sack.
He'll right himself, which would be super,
or come out facing mummy's pooper.

Sparx said...

Actually, now he's back to back, he'll come out facing some rather more exciting parts of my anatomy.

Hoto said...

He's turned around inside his mum
He'll have his back facing her bum
Rather than a view that's shitty
He'll get an eyeful of Mum's titty

Hoto said...