Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Pool


Hoto said...
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Hoto said...

Pooling my Thoughts
As I stare at pool so blue
I ponder of the little Who
That floats inside a sack of goo
in my womb, no room for two.

I wonder how he will debut
With a whisper, or much ado
Right on time, or overdue
Either way, he will come through.

We will recognize the cue
When my water does soak through
With nothing but some moments, few
We'll bid our couplehood adieu

I will squat in pool so blue
Like a wobbly kangaroo
Gripping small white handles, two
I hope that proud, him I'll do

As I strain to force him through
With mighty "oh!" and frequent "phew"
Squatting down in pool so blue
I pray that I won't have to poo.

Sparx said...

So Hoto... did you use ALL the rhymes for 'blue' in the dictionary? Or are there any left?

Hoto said...


The few new zoo crew brew jew stew, blew flue glue, chew gnu clues and screw ewes. The true shoe queue you two grew and slew, while you spew flu dew, hew pool cues, and skew views in lieu...oooh...To you two? Foo!

Eschew you.

Sparx said...

ah, I see.

Anonymous said...



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