Sunday, July 23, 2006

volte face...

There has been a gap in this blog. A gap filled with heat, humidity, cravings and regrets. A gap one might almost call a crevasse. Posting while lodged in the cracks of this crevasse would probably have had the men in white suits coming around for me and a note permanently incised on my file that my child may be at risk due to maternal madness.

Having scrambled out of this gap I feel somewhat numbly ready for what is about to happen. The birth part I feel fairly ready for in that I don't think anyone can really be ready. The after-birth part I am slowly coming to grips with.

We have been buying The Stuff and are reasonably ready for most events. Baldrick has turned butt-forward and head-down and seems to be reasonably content where he is, so long as he can put a foot into my stomach a few times a day and make me feel sick.

All in all, we're pretty much facing the right way.

The weather, however, even though it has broken and rain has come is still sticky and humid and awful and wit-stompingly hot. I have 3 more weeks of work left until I can relax and 5 and a half more weeks to go before Blob is officially 'due'. This may be enough time to finish my taxes. That would be a good thing.

We have bought the cot part of the buggy and stared mutely at it in fear of the unknown occupant. The cot-bed is standing in the cellar in it's box, the moses basket is sat on it's rocker and stuffed with bedding and my bag is packed in the event of an early hospital visit.

All we do now is wait. Anyone have any recommendations for good, non-baby books I can read to take my mind off it all?

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Hoto said...

The Good Book
To take your mind off the impending Blob,
Try "Child of Satan, Child of God".
Or Check out "Rosemary's Baby"
And "The Devil's Children, Book 3"