Friday, June 19, 2009

Recycling Week: Failure at the first post

OK, so I've already fallen down on my recycling week pledge. I made a stir-fry last night and it wasn't until I was in bed with the lights out that I remembered that I peeled the carrots right into the bin; likewise went the end of the celery from my salad.

This morning I promised myself I would go in and pick them out to put in the garden but in fact, our bin isn't exactly a breath of fresh air; Sammy insists that his food has Gone Off if he hasn't eaten it within the hour and as he is capable of making one's life truly very difficult indeed if one doesn't feed him fresh food umpteen times a day... well the dried up old food has to go somewhere.

It's incredible just how insistent he can be. He starts (as I have said before) by patting one gently. This moves to patting one quite hard, followed by the light Touch Of Claw. If this doesn't work he moves on to human mountaineering, up and down and back and forth until one is worn down to a low hill. He is capable of staring balefully at one for at least twenty minutes and if still ignored he starts yowling; as he is deaf, the decibel level he has to emit in order to hear himself is fairly astonishing. The minute one gets up he is trailing so closely that he gets a bit shoved about - sheer guilt at this point usually gets him a full bowl, the dried remains of the last getting tapped out into the bin. Lovely.

Therefore this morning, rather than brave the offal for a few bits of carrot, I have been on my knees under the armchair. I have found my ipod dock; Teddymouse and a toy car. I have also found a lot of cat hair.

Sammy has a lot to answer for today, let me tell you.


A Modern Mother said...

I don't blame you for not getting them out again. Yuk. I'm not doing so well either.

Sparx said...

Oh, glad it's not just me! I did throw my peelings into the garden today. Under a bush. Possibly not what is meant by composting exactly...

Michelle said...

I say hooray to you for just trying!

Sparx said...

Michelle - You're so darn cheerful all the time! I want whatever it is you're eating, lady! I am trying though, tis true.


I'm not sure I would have done that either. Although I did have to dig out some Weetabix from our recycling bin once after my 4 year old emptied his leftovers in there.

cactus petunia said...

I have to admit, that even though my husband is a certified Master Recycler (yes, here in Oregon they really DO have such a certification process!) I admit I sometimes sneak recyclables into the trash. It's so BAD! And yet so liberating!
By the way, didn't you tag me for something awhile back? I've been a bit out of the loop.

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