Sunday, June 21, 2009

clash of the titans

A strange thing is happening around our house.

I am married to an extraordinar(il)y (stubborn) man. He's pretty much the immovable object when it comes to resisting things that he's not interested in doing; camping, for example, or wearing striped clothes. Our son, however, has inherited a blend of stubborn from his father and, er, me, that is, and anyway he's pretty much the irresistible force when it comes to getting what he wants. And he wants quite a lot really; he's two and the world is, as far as he can see, full of shiny new things, each one more desirable than the last.

He is however, only 32 months old and 40 inches tall. I mean, he may be as irresistible as it is possible to be for his size but when all is said and done I can still tuck him under my arm and cart him off if I have to. Or even just if I want to. Anyway, the point is that ultimately, if he has decided that he wants something which is bad for him, dangerous or designed to keep him out of bed, I just say no and accept the consequences.

The frog, however, for all his mammoth ability to resist dancing, pubs and any argument which he doesn't fancy losing is completely powerless to resist his son. Thus, I come home after an evening with friends to find the frog prone on the sofa complaining that he's knackered because 'He made me move the furniture' or 'He made me play trains until 10pm' or 'He kept making me read more books'.

I'm sorry... he made you? Your two year old made you move the furniture? What, did he threaten to turn Tebby Bear on you if you didn't?

Immovable object my foot; next time I want my husband to do something he'd normally resist I hereby vow to lie on the floor and cry until I get my way.



Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Yeah, this sounds familiar. Hubby is the same way. I mean I never say "he made me..." or let him "make me" do anything.

Ever. Geesh. Who do you think I am?

Anonymous said...

Struck a chord, this one. Just last night Mik wanted to let kid have his way, so we could watch a movie in peace. I opted for the hard way out. Total chaos. I also discovered that I really must go to the gym if I'm to have control over an almost 4 year old.

The Dotterel said...

Either that, or just get littl'un to do the asking!

Sue said...

ROTFL! That's what Vickys says, too. "He made me do it."

I must send him this link. ;)

Perfectly Happy Mum said...

I can't believe how much my husband let the kids do to him or what they make him do! How often do I just say to my hubby "just tell him no!"

Michelle said...

It's amazing how quickly they figure out that they can get away with so much more with Dad!

Maternal Tales said...

Oh I'm with you...why do my children have so much more of a sway over my husband than me? It's just not fair...

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Looks like your child is running the household. Sounds completely normal to me!

Helen said...

My husband is terrible about letting the kids run amok on the nights he has to put them to bed. I would relieve him of all responsibility for this chore if it weren't for the fact that I'm dead on my feet by 7PM most nights and really need a break. Have discovered that the only way to get him to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour is to promise certain favors, which to be honest, I'm also too tired to do. But I can sleep through those activities if I'm really that beat. Can't say the same about sleeping through the screaming kids.

DJ Kirkby said...

Bet it doesn't work! xo

Metropolitan Mum said...

Haha. And through some toys after him. Or splash your food across the dinner table. Or wee in your pants.

Might not help at all, but at least I am looking forward to a funny post :-D

Sparx said...

Lisa - I know, I feel like a pushover but compared to the frog, no way!

Jennie - sometimes the bloke's way is actually easier... in the short term, anyway. Just had a neighbour over for a break, her hubby was supposed to be putting the kids to bed (about the same ages as yours) and instead both boys were running around the flat starkers and jumping on him so she left them to it!

Dotterel... not such a bad plan! Hmm...

Sue - really?! Ha! Glad it's not just my hubby then!!!

Perfectly Happy Mum - I KNOW! Why can't they just say 'no'? He says 'no' to me all the time!

Michelle - I know. I wonder, did we do that when we were kids too??

Maternal Tales - seriously, not fair at all. Mind you, it's probably true in reverse though; I mean, really.

Rosiescribble - ha! Yes, sadly very tru.

Helen - ROTFL!! Erm... cough cough... actually that's a skill worth learning...

DJ - bet you're right!

Metropolitan Mum - Sounds like me when I was pregnant!!! 8D Didn't work then either mind you.

Glyn Pope said...

Striped clothes and camping. I have to agree.
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