Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recycle week

I thought I was pretty good at recycling. I pretty much recycle everything, you know, bags, cans, packaging, clothes, left-overs, old blog posts, I wash and re-use wipes, bought and sold used cloth nappies, you name it, I'm trying to work out if it can be used again.

So, when A Modern Mother tagged me to join the Recycle week pledge I went smugly over to look at the list of pledges wondering what more I could possibly do. And found it. You see, despite the fact I have a garden, I don't compost. It's London. There are rats. Our garden is teensy tiny and compost bins are huge and ugly. Erm... I'm sure I can find more excuses.

No more.

It's Recycle Week in the UK next week and Karen from the Rubbish Diet and Don't Tear Your Hair Out has set all mummy bloggers a challenge: how many can she get to take a recycling pledge and write about it?

My pledge is to compost all my kitchen waste - or to clean under the furniture for a whole month. Right, I'm off to dig for worms...

The rules are easy:
  1. Visit www.recyclenow.com and sign up to one of the pledges to waste less.

  2. Share the details of your pledge on your own blog.

  3. Chose five other bloggers, who will also be up for a bit of recycling fun.

  4. Come back to this post at The Rubbish Diet and share your pledge with others, by placing a link to your pledge in the comments field.

  5. Optional - as a thank you to all involved The Rubbish Diet will be publishing a British Mummy Bloggers' Recycle Week carnival on Monday 29th June. To be included, simply submit your favourite post revealing the progress of your pledge by Saturday 27th June - email to karen[at]therubbishdiet[dot]co[dot]uk.

So I'm tagging the bloggers below to take a pledge:

Copenhagen Follies - yes yes I know you're not a UK Mummy blogger
DJKirkby - because you have SO MUCH time on your hands (smirk)
Frog in the Field - I bet you already recycle everything
Maternal Tales from the South Coast - I see you've already been tagged - tough!
And One More Makes Four because with four kids I'm sure you have LOADS of time for this!


DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh well you know I love tags AND recycling so I will have a look at this later and probably do it one lazy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm really glad you tagged me for this! I've been meaning to write a letter to our environmental mayor (yes, we have one just for that!) and demand that Copenhagen has composting stations either in the courtyards or everywhere the glass bins are. I've put a renegade one up in the courtyard where we live. No one seems to mind, and it's quite rat proof :-) I just cannot send oraganic waste to the incinerator anymore!

Sparx said...

DJ - yes, I know... cough cough cough... well you don't have to do it!

Jennie - seriously, you have an environmental mayor? ??? Cool! Actually there's a little park across from me that's used by the locals; I wonder what would happen if I put a communal compost bin in there?

amy said...

lol! Well you know me i like a challenge! watch this space and will recycle my heart out (i do alreay do a bit of recycling i am a good girl!) x x

Maternal Tales said...

I'm doing it....I'm doing it...just one question though - what is your pledge??? Think you may have missed that bit out...ahem!

Sparx said...

Amy - that's the spirit!

Maternal Tales - will edit for clarity, I pledged to compost or to have to clean under the furniture... blech.

Anonymous said...