Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today has gone like this.

2:00am - Spud wakes up in hysterics.
2:10am - Spud falls asleep on boob
2:20am - Spud wakes up in hysterics
2:22am - Spud falls asleep on boob (note fast turnaround - Spud is now asleep in parental bed)
2:25am - Spud wakes up in hysterics
2:30am - Spud in hysterics being walked around flat and shhhd to gently
2:35am - Spud in hysterics having his nappy checked
2:40am - Spud in hysterics rejecting boob
2:45am - Spud still in hysterics. Parental units flap hopelessly about while he arches and screams and rejects everything. Between 2:45am and 4:00am Spud rejects the following:
- Calpol
- Bonjela
- Teething powder
- Bottle
- Daddy's shoulder
- Mummy's shoulder
- Lying down
- Sitting up
- Being in the bed
- Being on the floor
- Being held
- Being left alone
4:00am Spud accepts Boowa and Kwala's songs
4:30am Spud starts playing
5:00am Spud accepts sleep
8:00am Spud wakes up
12:00pm we checked in for our flight.
3:00pm we landed in the UK
3:40pm We drove home. Spud had hysterics
5:30pm we got home and unpacked
5:30pm to 6:00pm The Spud rampaged around the house playing with all his toys and breaking wedding presents. Then he had hysterics
Then he ate
Then we went to the shops
Then he had a boob
Then he went to bed

Then I discovered we were out of vodka.

Then I had hysterics.


PJ Lore said...

Oh, I sympathize over the no-vodka sitch. Wish I could toss you one ....

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Bad hair day for the little guy? Maybe he was feeling fat?

Hope you get some sleep and he has an "I feel pretty" day tommorow.

carrie said...

Sorry about the vodka...

Samantha said...

Oiy... I know those nights. While it IS wrong to hide your child in the closet during times like this, it is not yet illegal for MOMMY to hide in the closet with a large bottle of wine.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! The spud in hyserics! No vodka! FUNNY!

darth sardonic said...

oh man, nothing is worse than battling through a day such as this only to find one's liquor cabinet devoid of a suitable nightcap (or, more likely, nightcaps)

been there, done that. never fun. but it sure cracks me up when you blog about it.

jenny said...

Ditto, Darth!

Motheratlarge said...

Well, this brought back happy memories of similar early-morning rampaging by our daughter. How old is Spud?

Sparx said...

PJ - thanks for this, I wish you could too!!

Lindy - he's got a new tooth and clearly he's gorgeous now!

Carry - thanks! Thanks for coming by, too.

Samantha - great idea! Thanks as always for popping in.

Jennie - I love that you're so easy to please!!! Thanks for the comments!

Darth - Ah, you know it... great to see you.

Jenny - you know it too, fellow sufferers unite! Maybe I should install a liquor cabinet on the blog...

MotheratLarge - thanks for dropping in with the support. He's 11 months and galloping towards 12...!