Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tired mummy... I mean... baby au gratin

This blogging every day thing is creeping up on me… it’s like doing my teeth, if I’ve had one too many I think that maybe I can get away without it… and tonight we went out for our first evening out together alone since Charlie was born and so I've had at least one too many. However, at the risk of sounding like a wild thing, we left at 7:15 and were home 3 hours later. I begin to think that I really did lose my entire brain when I gave birth.

Anyway, this was my day today and these are my ingredients for both an easy post and a way to tire out an 11-month-old baby in 30 simple minutes.

There is no way a baby this age should be allowed to climb a climbing frame such as this unaccompanied by an adult, a St. Bernard and three social workers

While it may look as though these bars are too close for a baby to fall through, EU regulations are changing the size of all babies born after 01/09/07 and this playground will no longer be approved for minors. Only children over the age of 21 will be able to utilise these premises and only with appropriate safety equipment and a DNA id card.

Mummy I AM going down this slide head first no matter what you say about my knickers coming down or that brown patch at the bottom.

Repeat AD NAUSEUM, feed with cheese casserole and bask in second martini as baby sleeps. Spend next two days mending the knees on his trousers.


rachele said...

I love reading your daily blog updates, I know it's a lot of work but wonderful! Charlie is beautiful and looks oh so focused on independence.

The Good Woman said...

What a lad! Bambi's at the stage where Ijujst let her lose on a field to catch fairies (and dodge the dog poop). Oddly, easier on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

I remember those days vividly. Trying to wear out baby, but being altogether exhausted yourself when you get home, while baby is up for another round ;) But don't you just love their fearless nature?

Krissie said...

I'm 21+! I'm so gonna go to the nearest playground now!

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

I think this post was a shameless charade just to post that last picture of C. - Because it was INSANELY CUTE and you are covertly showing off.


Well done.

Orhan Kahn said...

He is just adorable.