Saturday, July 21, 2007

going postal

I have been ill. Not in any sort of life-threatening way, just ill enough to stop me posting. Better now however, thanks to two days of sleep. The trouble with this has been that because I'm so knackered, every time the Spud naps, I nap with him meaning that we both sleep a lot. So, now he's been having two or three long naps with Mum every day he’s now expecting me, or his Dad to chill out with him all the time. And I mean, all the time. He’s up at 5:30 and we have to be up with him or he sets off the air-raid sirens. Luckily he doesn't seem to care if we're awake or not and so the nursery sofa has been seeing a lot of sleeping grown-ups while the Spud potters happily around his toys in the same room.

Apart from this new-found clinginess, lots of little things have happened in Spudland this week. He’s worked out that he can ‘carry’ now which turns the normal sound of his crawling (shh-SLAP shh-SLAP shh-SLAP - or, when running, SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP) into the sound young Jim Hawkins must have heard when old Pegleg was following him around with the Black Spot, ie, shh-clump, shh-clump shh-clump. It’s quite disconcerting, particularly when he rounds the corner pushing the lid of his nappy bucket and looking particularly smug.

He’s also discovered the art of ‘putting’. This means that everything he picks up has to be ‘put’ somewhere. Since he has also discovered how to open the bins, this means a certain amount of concern whenever a remote control goes missing. It also means that waking up on the nursery sofa must be done very slowly as the Spud will have 'put' his toys on one's face, behind one's back and inside one's pajamas and it is unwise to roll over too quickly...

The art of ‘putting’ comes with the fledgling art of ‘giving’ which means holding up for offer anything in his hands – should one accept this offer however, a screamingly bereft baby is the result. It is however unsafe to assume that he’s not really ‘giving’ so much as ‘showing’ because sometimes he is actually offloading something he’s bored of and, should one ignore this offer, one could end up with a lap full of apple juice, or a face full of banana.

I realise this is a very short post given the long period of time since the last one but I am resolved to post more often, perhaps even daily, even if it’s only something small. Rather like a mobile in the recycling bin.


Orhan Kahn said...

It is however unsafe to assume that he’s not really ‘giving’ so much as ‘showing’..

Oh, my.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Good luck with the little man and the egg shells surrounding his growing ego ;)

The Good Woman said...

He He. WE had socks in the toilet and shoe polish (yes, shoe polish) in the washing machine. Beware, Sparx. Beware.

Ruby said...

your baby is so sweet. i too have a baby girl of 2 yrs age. she resembles your son. She is very naughty, we have to run whole day to see that she may not hurt herself. So take care of the little champ.

Dr Ruby (India)

Sparx said...

OK - many thanks! I keep being surprised that you come here for my fluffiness given the power of your own blog.

TGW - I love it when you comment... never fail to put fear into my heart!

Dr Ruby - thanks for dropping in, good luck keeping up with your daughter as well!

Orhan Kahn said...

Don't be silly, unless you stop blogging you will always be a regular stop.

( Hope I didn't offend you with my latest post, certainly didn't mean to.. you have enough terror in the form of diapers to deal with ;)

tine b said...

you make me consider having children after all.. sounds like the way to have someone else to blame for messing up the house..and sounds fun, too.

Sparx said...

OK - v funny!

Tine b - well, it's one way to spend all that time between waking and going to bed. Whatever did I do before?! Thanks for coming by!

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