Sunday, March 19, 2006

Note 3 - to the blob again

More diary excerpts:

Week 11: This has been another interim week – I still can’t tell people and am desperate to tell my parents. January is over and my excuse of having a month of de-tox has worn out – now my friends will view my continued abstinence and healthy life-style as distinct symptoms of pregnancy, it will be hard to disguise it.

Week 12:
this is the last week of the secret phase of the pregnancy – nearly, at any rate. Within 2 weeks we will know if this is going to work and will be able to tell everyone, or we will know that things have gone wrong and we are back to the start. I can see it would get progressively harder and harder to keep losing pregnancies. You spend all this time with big changes in the body, encouraging scan photographs and hopes, you get a deadline and you begin, even if subconsciously, to plan your life around this date. When things go wrong, all sorts of dates become anniversaries – the midwives appointment, the 20 week scan, the telling people – all those things become ghosts, they leap out of the calendar and go ‘boo’ and things become a little more grey. We had the scan and told my family this week before the results came through because the doctors were so positive.

Week 14: It's a boy.

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