Sunday, March 26, 2006

more about the blob

According to all the books, the blob is now about 12cm long and covered in hair. I am obviously incubating a small guinea-pig and all this nonsense about an impending man-child is clearly a load of tosh.

What is also a load of tosh is the 'second trimester glow'. So far, while it's a definite improvement over the first, I'm still absolutely laid-out exhausted all the time and am beginning to be out of balance and unwieldy. Also moody, touchy and argumentative. And unwilling to cook, clean or pluck my eyebrows, all of which I have forced myself to do this weekend.

Some days I spend the whole day and don't even think about being pregnant. Most days it's just a fact of life, like having a backache... which I do... all the time...

What would really work for me would be a gallon of coffee or a strong martini. Without the fun bits removed...

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