Sunday, March 19, 2006

The boy pod

I am a boy pod. We have seen a penis on the scanner. Or rather, the doctor circled a tiny blob on the screen which may or may not have been a penis. Both the doctors nodded wisely. I thought I saw it. D didn't see a thing but then he pays as much attention with his eyes as he does with his ears - a great amount and in huge detail if his brain processes something as 'useful', none if it doesn't.

I imagine the inside of D's head as one big organised filing cabinet full of important stuff and one equally big shredder full of all the rest. He accesses the shredder as if it were a secondary filing system and comes up with random, unrelated items when searching in there for something he was told several times a few days ago.

I am incubating his son. I cannot begin to imagine the rest of my life.

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