Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...and the Mum snored on...

After four glorious nights of sleep I woke up at 6am this morning being joyfully bashed around the head by my son and, as my back went out I remembered his trip into our bed at 3:30am following several hours of molar-related tears. He slept peacefully between us, each little fist clutching a parental hand, occasionally kicking one or the other of us in the gut until we were both lying half off the bed with our poor imprisoned hands contorted around us... No tears from him, proof that part of his night sobbing is the feeling of being alone with a sore mouth.

He’s taken to falling asleep on me before bed. We sit on the nursery sofa, him downing the last of his bottle one-handed like a cowboy before the fight breaks out, me offering him a wide selection of books and him always choosing ‘Wibley Pig’ because it has one awesome four-lift-fold and ‘Bear Snores On’ because… because… well I don’t know why he likes that one, it doesn’t have any flaps to lift and he refuses absolutely to do anything as menial as point at the animals in it… perhaps it’s the rhythm of the words he likes. Anyway, I try to time the last book to the last drags of his bottle (and when he’s a few gulps away it’s amazing how fast one can read a story complete with sound effects) and then I reach over and turn the light down very slowly, take away the bottle and he lets out a big sigh, occasionally a burp, and snuggles in to my shoulder, one little hand snaking down to my waist to hang on to my fat while the other plucks at my necklace until he nods off.

I rather like this part of the day, despite the constant reminder that I am not as svelte as I think I am. It’s a little like it used to be when he was very small and I breast-fed him to slumber. The only difference being, of course, that he is four times the size he was back then and bits of him tend to spill off my lap and flap about among the sofa cushions.

Tonight I dosed him with Calpol to offset the worst of his toothache, raced through the last pages of 'Bear' and snuffed out the lights as he hiccupped gently into my neck. I have an early start tomorrow and with any luck he’ll make the night in his own bed and I’ll still have use of my lower lumbar region when I wake up.


Anonymous said...

No matter how big they get or how many years it drags on, I don't think having my little ones fall asleep cozied up to me will ever grow old . . . well, maybe when they are 12, full of attitude, and perfectly capable of falling asleep on their own, but until then! 'Bears Snores On' is a favorite at our house as well, and must always be followed by 'Bear Wants More' - I think you must be right about the rhythm.

Jonny's Mommy said...

The molars are being a real problem for us too. The snot is pouring out of his nose on top of it and he won't let me stick a finger in there to feel if it is a molar or not. I can't believe how big my little guy is getting either,even though he is still very short like his mom.

Bedtime is the best for us as well..we can just stare at each other and giggle and cuddle until he falls asleep. Most nights. Tonight..little bit of a fight and swaying was needed even after all the pain meds. But part of that is the runny nose that I can't seem to keep up with for him.

Anonymous said...

Wibley Pig is like the most amazing book ever. Every time I babysit my cousins I insist on that book no matter what they want because I love it so much.

This sounds so adorable and lovely!

Moley-Bloke said...

You're gonna hate me... Rosie never griped once with her teeth. No matter how red her cheeks glowed nor how much snot oozed over her face nor however hard she chowed on anything or everything. Still love it when she drifts off to sleep on my shoulder... Then snores so loudly I can't hear the telly!

Sparx said...

Driving - ooh, there's another Bear book? Might have to invest in that, 'Snores' is such a major success! I hope my spud falls asleep on me for a few more years yet...

Jonny's Mommy - poor old Jonathan, between his ears and his nose he's not got much luck hey? Doesn't seem to stop him though, he's such a sweetie!

Raz - I know - someone made me buy it insisting Spud would love it and I didn't believe her - but, it's true!

Moley - I am very envious, I admit! I know someone else who'd child never fusses with their teeth... can't beat that sleepy baby moment, hey?

Ryan & Michelle said...

You captured the parental bliss that comes when little ones fall asleep in our arms and on our laps. I love going into my kids' rooms at night and just listening to their easy breathing. It's always a peaceful moment.

Blogget Jones said...

Oh, I miss those moments.... Sometimes, when my 16-yr-old monster makes an appearance, I sit and remember those nights, the nursery night on, stroking his cheek as his lids closed. Keeps me sane. But I really miss it.

:o) BJ

Anonymous said...



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