Thursday, March 20, 2008

...and the little one said 'roll over, roll over'

Another day, another morning waking up with the spud… and, I suspect, tonight will be no different. He’s been breaking out sobbing in his sleep every ten minutes or so again and once we turn out the lights and go to bed and everything gets dark and quiet he wakes up and worries - and if he doesn’t feel right and can’t settle back down, then that’s it for us.

I think we both quite like having him in bed with us as long as it’s not every night and if he’s sleeping soundly then it’s kind of ok. Last night he made it across around 3am again and unlike the night before, once he was in with us he actually didn’t stir again which was great. The main trouble is Sammy who is getting a little batty in his dotage and forgets that he has a perfectly serviceable and clean litterbox in the cellar and begs to be let out around 5am. If we ignore him then he scratches at the catflap making enough noise to wake the people three doors down and if we ignore THAT then he does the bladder dance all over us, tromping up one and down the other taking especial care to dig his paws into as many soft areas as possible, yowling all the way. If the noise wasn’t enough to wake the spud then the feeling of kitty paws in his belly certainly is and then we have a wide-awake child gleefully chasing the cat around the bed. Good Morning!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, Spuddy and I are going to the zoo where, if the last visit was any indicator, he will go down the tunnels into the mere-cat lookout and refuse to leave for an hour then spend fifteen minutes shoving his hand up a pig’s nose before racing to the stationary tractor and refusing to get off for any child come hell, high water or ice-cream.

Now to get a few hours sleep before our four-in-a-bed 5am romp.


Ms Anonymous said...

I am always relieved to hear Sammy's name. And damn lady, you been busy! I don't check for a few days and you have been blogging up a storm. As for Spud, promise me some sort of cleansing ritual will occur between pig snot and ice cream. For the love of god.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I can only imagine. Even though I'm sure at some level it is just oodles of fun with a mid-morning romp between toddler and feline, I remember how hard it is to say one's goodbyes to a good night's sleep. It would seem that beings weighing less than 15 kilos have trouble comprehending that those of us weighing more than that need our rest just to keep our excess bagage going all day. Sleep well!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I find it wonderful when the toddler curls up against me and we fall asleep that way and then at 5 a.m. he nails me in the bladder and I have to pee like crazy so I try to slide away and he reaches for me and clutches and cries and then I end up dragging him with me to the loo and then he hangs on me and whimpers until I'm done and drag him back to bed with me. If I don't hurry in my "business" then he wakes up too much and we have an early morning/.

Yeah. That's my mornings.
And I love it. :-)

Joni said...

When my two little fellas (only not so little now) were in those stages of cutting teeth, we gave them some Tylenol and used Orajel on their gums. Also, putting something they liked to chew on (bottle nipple, pacifier, etc.) in the refrigerator for awhile gave them something nice and cold to hold to their little gums.

May you have a peaceful night's sleep tonight!

How was the zoo???

Ryan & Michelle said...

It's great that the Spud feels so secure between the two of you in bed, grasping both your hands.

Can't wait to hear about your trip to the zoo.

Sparx said...

Hi Ms Anonymous - yes, there is a ritual... it involves pretty much half a bottle of Milton hand sterilisng lotion and half a batch of hand wipes!

Jennie, I reckon I'd be wide awake if I'd gone to bed at 8 every night too... but it is not that horrible, just exhausting...

Jonny's Mommy - you are amazing, I can't believe you take him to the loo with you at night! C would be so awake it would be impossible to get him back to sleep after that!

Joni - we give him baby tylenol but these teeth are too far back for the gel, he's bitten me or licked the gel off before I can get to that part of his gums! What did you do for the rear molars? He's turning down cold things too...

Ryan & Michelle... it is cute, it's true... no zoo trip though, rained out!

Sue said...

These boys! The Bhablet's taken to whining all night as well and I'm always a a little nervous that Vicky might forget his better, paternal self and kill him after all.

I officially hate molars.

Anonymous said...



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