Monday, December 17, 2007

in the name of peace and quiet...

I am giving the spud full access to the keyboard as he is desperate to play with my computer. Here is what he has to say:
v m xn b v ~zc
b ,mnm x x
n ∆¬≥

g ≤µ v
mn , m . x c cmsd
mz b i9]--------mz≤

cm xc



z ,x

m m

a ,uhj



~nm said...


Elsie Button said...

that looks like pretty clever stuff. did he go to sleep at the end of this exertion? 'zzzzz'

Sparx said...

~nm: I had to pretend I was him to type your name - he's managed to find all the symbols somehow...! Thanks for popping in,

Sparx said...

Elsie - sadly, no... I did rather hope however! Good to see you.

Hoto said...

Fuck Charlie. That's almost the answer to the equation I've been looking for here at NASA. You genius boy, You. One question though:

If "a , uhj" is greater than or equal to "edfedfffffffzzzzz", and the array "z, x" to "6" [inclusive] is divided by "m m", how can 76 be greater than or equal to the array ending [4.45 to the power of positive llll?]

If it is then, frankly, "g" cannot possibly be less than or equal to mu-v.

Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant piece of complex mathematics and probable numbers, but it's just, well, not quite there.

Self employed mum said...

Fabulous writing Spud, you take after your mother with your sense of humour.

Our kitten very ofter sends MSN messages to my friends and family, she likes to walk across the keyboard, her last step pressing the return key. I usually finalise with 'Angel said'

Hope your all feeling a bit better.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Very, very deep stuff. This is what my spud would like to do if I would yet let him, but I probably won't..

Sparx said...

Hoto - I'll send him your way next time you're in a fix...

Sparx said...

Self Employed Mum - yes, my cat tries to send emails too in the same way... sometimes I wonder how I ever manage to get any time alone on the computer. Sammy is right now pawing at my fingers... Great to see you!

Sparx said...

Jonny's Mummy - no, I wouldn't either... he keeps managing to pry off the keys, not to mention renaming folders and getting into the settings by mistake. I think because his little hands spend a lot of time around the function keys at the bottom of the keyboard... It'll make him happy though! Great to see you.

jenny said...

Funny stuff there Spud! I got my Youngest to translate and she could barely get it out without spouting milk through her nose!! :o) You definetly take after your mum!

Musical Midnight said...

Sparx, if you have a old and/or non-functional keyboard lying around, I would recommend letting the Spud have his way with it. That's what my husband's brother & wife did with their 1-yr-old...only after they lost the battle with keeping the toddler away from the computer system.
He managed to destroy his daddy's keyboard by spilling milk in it, so that was the keyboard he was then given while his daddy had to buy a new keyboard.

After it was all said & done, it was kind of cute watching him bang away at the non-working keyboard while sitting on the lap of whoever was working with the computer. He'd giggle like mad whenever the computer screen changed, as if he really thought he had some control over what the computer was doing.

DJ Kirkby said...

N3S is nuts about 'typing' on the keyboard too. I keep him away from the symbols though, no telling what that might lead to!

Sparx said...

Jenny! That's a very cute thing to say! I have to put up a new post soon though, I think this one is doing strange things to the children of the world... Great to see you!

Sparx said...

Musical Midnight - we've actually done that but he seems to know that it's not the *real* one! After a few moments he gives up and starts antsing to play with my one.

He just shut my computer down and lost me my next post so something Must Be Done! Great to see you!

Sparx said...

DJ - solving Fermat's theorem, I would imagine! I was watching Ceebeebies this morning and there was a film of a school play about Aladdin and there was a boy in the audience the spit of your N3S! Was it him? Great to see you - was passing on your award when the spud crashed the computer... not sure if it's been rescued or not, it's my mac laptop and he may have pressed the 'don't save' button in his fervour! Scared to look...

Jen said...

Oh great! You know that is code for "Toddlers Unite and take over the world!" Now he has summoned the troops and it's all over.

Sparx said...

OMG! so THAT's what he was so smug about all day... and here's me thinking it's because he's finished his antibiotics.

Kelly Malloy said...

That is one of the best blog posts I've ever read!

Anonymous said...



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