Friday, December 21, 2007

Blogging buddies

Upsettingly, just as I had finished this post, the spud clambered onto my laptop and shut it down, in the process pressing ‘no’ whenever he was asked to save my documents. So. Here we go again and apologies for the long delay...

DJ Kirkby has given me this very twee award for blogging buddies which part of me wanted to scoff at due to the kitten-y nature of the picture. However, after writing the post and having to chose 7 blogging buddies to pass it on to I realised it’s quite cool. It’s kind of a way of saying ‘thanks for hanging in there’ to some of one’s oldest commenters and reading through DJ’s blog I got to meet 4 out of 7 new bloggers. Which was good.

So. Very difficult to pick 7 bloggers out of the bloggers who I read at least weekly (if I was luxuriant in time and massages and having nothing to do I would read everyone daily I swear).

I decided therefore to pick 7 bloggers to whom I’ve never passed on an award. This leaves out my oldest non-family commenter Bossy who I read regularly and who still occasionally pops in for a gander. DJ and Dhor and Lady Macleod who are amazing bloggers I read all the time. It leaves out Jenny and Elsie and Darth who are wonderful writers and I can’t remember all who else, frankly, because it’s nearly midnight and I’m re-writing a carefully researched but sadly deleted post after imbibing a mugful of spirits.

So, in no particular order, here are seven other bloggers who have enlightened my blog and provided me with hours of entertainment on their own.

Self Employed Mum who found me quite early in both of our blogging careers. She’s recently been very patient with wat sounds like a terrible house full of 8 year old girls

Sue from Sunny Days who lives in Calcutta and has a son the same age as the spud – only blogs could have bought us together to read about the similarities and differences of raising sons in different worlds. She’s a great writer however she claims not to be a ‘Mommy blog’. Sue. Do You Read Your Own Blog?!!

Driving with the Brakes On whom I have to confess I read largely on the offchance she is going to have a rant because then I can read while muttering ‘yes’ and ‘me too’ under my breath like a madwoman because I always agree with her.

Jen at Rants and Raves whose son is around the same age as the spud and getting into about the same mischief. If you pop over right now she’s just posted up some of the amazing cards her hubby has made her over the years.

Jennie from Copenhagen Follies is raising two kids while studying and speaking about 100 languages. She’s very funny and clever and I sense she may be able to drink me under the table.

Ilana of Pengelly Pastimes and Deeply Felt Felting Studios. She hasn’t been commenting around here for long but you know what? She’s SUCH an old friend of mine it doesn’t bear repeating and we have found each other again after going on 20 years via the magic of blogs and you know, that deserves a prize. And, her felting is AMAZing.

Suki who is getting a proper education while maintaining no less than 4 of her own blogs and who reminds me what it’s like to be young.

So, thanks to you all for having wonderful blogs - and also to those wof you I haven't meantioned here but read regularly - Happy Christmas and a big martini to the lot of you!


Jennie said...

Funny and clever?

May be able to drink you under the table? *extremely flattered*

Happy jolly holidays to you and yours, Sparx!
Is there a yule log somewhere in the plans?

Suki said...

WHEEE! Thank you so so so much :).

:sigh: I often think blogging is more educative for me than the education I pay for. But then I pay for the Internet so I guess it's okay :P.

Driving With the Brakes On said...

Aww, thank you! I love the fact this award celebrates global communities - were it not for blogging, I wouldn't 'know' anyone beyond the confines of my own little world. I really enjoy reading about others parenting experiences - and it is nice to know that mothers across the ocean have the same 'issues' that I have! (I swear I know better, but I have this ridiculous notion in my head that European children are prim, propper, well behaved, and sit down for tea every afternoon in darling little outfits with gleaming buttons and startched hems. I lead a very rich fantasy life.) Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday!

Sparx said...

Hi Jennie! I wish there was - no fires allowed in London I'm afraid but I may have to do something symbolic in an empty fireplace... and you ARE funny and clever too, so there.

Sparx said...

Suki - very true, I've learned loads reading other people's blogs. It's not free, it's true. But then it doesn't cost that much. Less than I used to spend on going out in a month! Happy holidays!

Sparx said...

Driving! Yes, your fantasy life is a little in need of updating... but you know, I wish it was true. I think however if I tried to put the spud into anything with starch in it he'd just try to eat it. Happy Holidays!

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

Well I'd just like to thank the academy and..................oh sorry wrong channel.
I have no idea how to pass this on or even what to do with it


and I miss you too

Jen said...

Very cool! My first award! My chest is puffing up and I might just lay an egg. Seriously, thank you. When I started blogging it was to get practice writing, and to gain readers. I didn't realize I would gain friends, as well.

Sparx said...

Helen - blogging seems like such a selfish thing in many ways doesn't it? We write about what we're doing and who knows who'll read it - but now I know more about your life than years worth of letters would have let me see because we blog about the little things we wouldn't put in a letter. It may seem impersonal to some but I think it's fantastic. Happy everything, hon!

Sparx said...

Jen - you do make me laugh! I thought the same though, it was just an exercise with a practical end but you know, it's a pretty good thing all told, hey?!

jenny said...

Sparx-- I'm so glad you passed on this award to others.. I'm starting to get quite a collection and I'm not much of a duster. I wouln't know a feather duster if it bit me in the behind! :o) I thank you for the other ones you've given me, though.

I got your comment on the Santas and I will be most happy to send it to you! Email me at jshenry(at) I'll need your address and will go to the post office on Monday to find out how much to ship to you. Thanks for wanting one!

Happy Christmas to you and yours! May you have lots of merry and cheer and jolly times! :o)

Raz said...

Why thank you - a great introduction to some great blogs!

Dulwich Dad said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dulwich Dad!

darth sardonic said...

i am always just pleased to get mentioned in your blog, lol. and in a complete nonsequitor, the coolest blog name award goes to "my boyfriend is a twat" that i just noticed in your pals list. gonna have to check that one out sometime soon.

DJ Kirkby said...

Sparxs, a lovely post and appropriatly sentimental...happy martini's to you too my dear.

Sparx said...

Hi Raz! Nice to meet you, glad to be of service! Happy holidays!

Sparx said...

Dulwich Dad - thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!

Sparx said...

Hi Darth! You're always worth a mention hon! I'll pop over for a visit in a bit, I'm pretty lame these days at catching up. Happy holidays, by the way!

Sparx said...

DJ - and to you! Happy holidays!

lady macleod said...

Oh come on, it's the cutest award ever! And you are my blogging buddy with or without kitties! You were one of the first bloggers I "found" and you have been my buddy since the first read.

Raz said...

Well thank you for your lovely comment! I regularly check to see if you have updated: there's something lovely about reading your blog.

Sparx said...

Lady M - Oh, ok, it's cute, I admit it! You and I, suckers for the cats, hey? Lovely to see you!

Self employed mum said...

My first award! I am soooo excited, I would like to thank you for entertaining me for the last however many months it been.

An the kittens on the award are so apt!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and I'll speak to you very soon


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