Monday, June 27, 2011

I love you more than...

The child is a little troubled these days by various things, tiddly pom... not least of which is that, following some renewed reading of Winnie the Pooh he is having nightmares about bees and wasps.  He's also having nightmares about daleks, 'the wrong car' and other great evil beings who lurk in his bedroom, interspersed with good dreams about eating sushi in Victoria train station.

This of course means we spend our nights like the Sorcerors Apprentice racing back and forth from our room to his, carrying buckets of whatever it is that parents use to scare monsters until, inevitably, he ends up in our bed, hogging the blankets.

As he drops gently off into nightmare alley, he tells us how much he loves us which is of course the sort of thing that gets one's Motherly Love brain fluffing up its feathers and cackling inanely, so of course I have been encouraging this; however I believe it may have Gone Too Far.

It started very sweetly:  'I love you all day Mummy'; 'I'll love you always, Charlie'; 'I love you all day and all week and all year;' 'I love you more than that, sweetie'; 'I love you more than that, Mummy!' and so on... Here are a few recent examples, however:

"I love you more than toys"
"I love you more than tigers"
"I love you more than the pavement"
"I love you more than our car"

 Last night it was "I love you more than alligators!"

I feel he is stretching, at this point, to grasp the entire concept. 



Mum said...

Ah, payback for the Badger in the bed - you were about 5 so I guess Wind in the Willows is a bit too old for Charlie yet. Good luck with the infinite love.


Sparx said...

I remember the badger in the bed... I remember turtles too, one night...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

The nightmares are not as bad here but my kid still won't sleep in his own bed. If he does I have to sleep with him and darn it, it is not comfortable bed!

Sparx said...

Lisa - ouch, seriously... there's no way I'm sleeping in his bed so it's always over to ours...!

reginag said...

At least he ended up his day beautifully.
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Sparx said...

Reginag - indeed!