Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gratuitous launch party post

OK, so I wrote a book. About 21 years ago, mind you, but I did write it and the very brave Punked Books have published it. In fact, they opened a new Children's imprint for me - Grimoire books. I swear, I did NOT drug them.

So on Thursday The Big Green Bookshop were brave enough to allow me and a bunch of varigated friends into their premises to launch the thing.

OK, so this was a launch for a book I wrote over 2 decades ago. I'm over it. I'd given up on it. It will never make me rich. So this is like, blah blah blah. Right? So I was being all blase about the entire thing until a few weeks ago when I realised I should probably take it seriously and invite a few people. Beg a few people.

So I did. And then I got Very Nervous. By Thursday morning I was essentially a bag of nerves and by the time I got to the bookshop I was pretty wired. I had, however, bought 2 cases of wine for the occasion. This was a good thing.

People started filtering in around 7 and by 8 the locusts had already demolished a case of wine and numerous packets of Wotsits. I did a reading from the book. I tried to make it interesting. People shuffled. But they clapped at the end... I guess that counts.

It was kinda like getting married, launching one's first book. I mean, it might happen again; who knows? One makes a major public committment to the book, the publisher, everything is rosy, all one's mates come out in support and by the end of the night one can't remember anything except... er... that it was a shedload of fun. Then it's just you and the book, heading into the sunset.

There are people to thank. Parents. Sibling. Spouse. Friends. Agent. Publisher. You know. The usual. I'll thank them if the damn thing ever wins anything.

I think it went well. We drank a case and a half of wine. The shop sold out of their copies of my book, the lovely Kevin from Punked (Grimoire) had to unload extra copies from his Bat-Case and then I think some of those might have been sold. And possibly signed. I think I signed some things. I hope they were books.

These are some of my besty friends. That's me on the left with the big schnoz and the target on my boobs.

I had a steaming hangover the next day.

Anyway, so that's it, the book is launched. God bless her and all who sail in her.

Now buy a copy.


PS, I'll be selling and signing at Witchfest International on November 6th. Put on your duds and come along. You know you want to.


Juniper said...

Wow, 21 years ago!? what made you get it 'out of the closet' as it were?

It sounds like you had a great evening; do let us know when the one for the next book is ;-) or will it be another two decades? I'll be on two legs by then and able to come and join you!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Wish I'd been there, really. Sounds exactly like a book launch 21 years late is supposed to be! :)

Karen Sather said...

Book parties/signings are the greatest way to get your book out there. Congrats to you! ...and really don't you think most things we write live forever. You just have to expose it to the world!

Expat mum said...

Gosh, I thought I'd taken my time over my book but this is the winner. Congratulations!

Sparx said...

Juniper - hm... someone asked me if I had any books lying around and, er, there it was...

Jennie - it was fun indeed!

Karen - you're right of course... not that easy though!

Expat Mum - I love the look of your book! What a cool thing! How long did it take you to 'get it out' then?

Hot Cross Mum said...

Amazing to see it finally in print. Recommended it to my sister as it looked like it might be something my niece would love - she has a copy now. Yeay! Here's to huge successes.

DJ Kirkby said...

I am so glad your launch party went well and I'm gutted I couldn't be there! I am almost finished reading The Green King for the second time and love it even more this time round, wouldn't have thought that was possible. x

The Dotterel said...

Wow! What fantastic news... and sorry I'm a bit late on it.

The thrill of seeing your name on a book never palls. You working on number two yet?

Sue said...

LOL So, congratulations.

Sparx said...

DJ - thanks so much sweetie, you're so kind!

Dotterel - well it hasn't palled so far! Am at my Mums and she's going to help me plot the next one just in case there's a sequel...

Sue - thanks so much - I look forward to meeting your friend too!