Tuesday, October 05, 2010

All about meeeee!!

This post is all about... meeeee!!!! Me me me me me. Or rather, my book.

No WAIT!! Don't go!!!! Sheesh.

Seriously, this will only take a moment and you can scroll right on down to the toy give-away just underneath this post. Seriously. I promise. It won't hurt.

Anyway, so I sort of have a book coming out. It's called er... yes that's it over on the right... it's called The Green King. It is an actual book and not followed by the letters IPA; it is not therefore a beer. Or a pub. No, it's a children's book in fact.

No no no, don't bugger off quite yet, I'm about to invite you out for a drink. Settle down a moment.

A drink? Yes, I'm launching the Green King, with wine, at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, North London on Thursday October 14th, 7pm to 9pm, which is in no way nearly in a week and I am in no way panicking about it not even slightly. Not at all. So there.

OK maybe I'm panicking a little teensy bit.

Anyway, so I'm inviting you all, yes you! All 2 of you who have read this far... there will be some wine and a few little munchie things (cough cough crisps cough). Yes, my hospitality will be unparalleled. And there will be juice, just in case there are actual children, or people who perhaps want to get up one day.

A bit about the book perhaps: it's aimed at children 8-14 but, apparently, the odd grown up has been known to read it and, shockingly, quite actually like it. Or so they say...

And, if you do know any children of around the right age, you might consider it a wild-card Christmas present? Hm? And in case you're wondering if the child in question might actually like it, here are some excerpts from actual letters I got from a class of 9-year-olds, to whom I read bits of it the other day:
  • “I liked your book the Green King I think that it will be a best sellers list” – George, 9
  • “When it comes out I am going to buy it” – William, 9
  • “Your book is realy good and adventures” – Megan, 9
  • “I like mystery books and yours is the one” – Ellie, 9
  • “I loved your book it was amasing” – Jamie, 9
  • “I loved your book and it was awesome, it was the cind of book that I love” – Reegan,9
  • “The whole thing was absaloutly brilliant” – Alex, 9
  • "I thought your book was great. I really enjoyed it" – Harry, 9
...Harry continues on, bless him.... "However a few improvements are maybe:
  • pictures
  • a d.v.d. to go with the book"
Yeah Harry!!! Go get those film rights!!!

OK, so I would seriously be over the moon if anyone fancied making the trek up to the shop and downing a few vinos at my expense, maybe even buying the book and making the bookshop happy and, most importantly, saying hello so I can put a few more faces to bloggers.

Oh, and there will be air-kisses too! I go left then right, just so you don't get confused.

Please won't you come? And, er, bring someone?


And if not, the book is available either here on Amazon or from the publisher here or from the link in my RH menu. I'm loving watching it climb the rankings in Amazon - I went from eleventy million to around 40,000 in one day after reading in the schools. Am now back down to 306,000 so help!


Elsie Button said...

oooooh i would LOVE to come but away on hols at that time.... will there be any more? xx

glenda said...

Good Luck , sorry i can;t make it but don;t forget to pop a copy in the post to me

thanks Glenda

Juniper said...

Sparx, I woulda come buuutt not quite in the mood for London yet ;-)

Congratulations on the book though!! where can we buy one from, will it be on Amazon?

I hope the launch goes well, will you being doing a Bridget Jones style speech?


Juniper said...

Ok I just ordered one - that a christmas present sorted :-)

Catherine said...

Brilliant post! x

Potty Mummy said...

God, I would so love to come Sparx but there's the small matter of distance... However, tell me where to find the book and when I'm back in the UK at the beginning of November I will march into bookshops a demand a copy. And if they don't stock it (unlikely, I know) I will act all surprised and say 'but haven't you heard? Top critics say it's going on the best seller's list?'

Best of luck on the 14th in any case! PMx

Anonymous said...

What time?? If I take a night train Wednesday from Copenhagen, I can be in Paris on Thursday at 11am leaving, what is it, a three hour ride with the Eurostar to London?

So, I could be there at about 3pm? Too late? Too early?

Sparx said...

Hi Elsie - yes, possiby one or two more in London and hopefully beyond... have a lovely holiday!

Glenda - there's a copy on it's way, let me know when you post it up!

Juniper! I officially love you. Let me know what you or whoever reads it thinks of it!

Catherine - thanks!

Potty - Oh, would love to see you again but um, I think you have a wonderful excuse! Thanks for volunteering to buy too, very kind...

Hot Cross Mum said...

How bloody exciting is that? Would love to join you but Ireland is a bit too far - even for crisps - sounds like just the sort of read my niece would love though, so this has been added to the christmas list. Good luck and brilliant stuff!

Sparx said...

Hot Cross Mum - thanks so much - do tell me what she thinks if you buy it in the end!

Shopgirl said...

If I was in London I would be there - quick as a flash!!!

This is SUCH a big deal!!! :)

Congrats, xx

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

If I came I'd have to bring an "I knew you when photo" and out you as the punker you once was. Seriously I'd be there in heartbeat if it weren't so far! But I promise to drink a glass of vino 'with' you on the 14th

Sparx said...

Shopgirl! Thanks hon - would be great to see you too but never mind :)

Sparx said...

Hi HI!!!! I missed your comment, must have been an overlap... Ah, the days when getting ready meant an hour of back-combing...

Anonymous said...

You missed mine too Sparx! And I'm almost serious! I could leave here Wednesday night, be back in Copenhagen Saturday. Kind of wish I still flew, cheaper AND faster!

Sparx said...

Jennie - EEEEK!! I did miss yours! I'm so sorry! Wow, I'm so tempted to fund half your ticket...

Juniper said...

Book arrived today - definitely going to have to read it before it gets given away for Christmas!

cactus petunia said...

Congratulations! As much as I'd love to come, it's a bit far from Oregon...but if you do a book tour in the U.S., let me know.
For now, I'll just have to order one on Amazon!

Juniper said...


JJ said...

Sparx: I found you through Juniper's post. Your book looks good, as does your blog. I would love to follow along, and I invite you to follow mine as well. Thanks.

The Disconnected Writer


Twain12 said...

found you through Juniper..i will see if they deliver in Canada. I will buy the book for myself. My late Son was a child of the woods, use to spend days roaming the woods with his friends or alone. is first tattoo was of the green man, not sure if we are talking the same mythical being ( i guess i'll find out)I wish you much success with your Book

Twain12 said...

ordered from your publisher, i'm looking forward to it

Sparx said...

Juniper - thank you for buying the book and for the mention on your blog - absolutely wonderful.

JJ - on my way out for the evening but I will be coming over for a read shortly!

Twain12 - Yes, the book is based on the myth of the Green Man, although not very truthfully; it has a strong pagan bias. I'm very sorry to hear you lost your son, I'm not sure how I'd copy without mine; thank you very much for buying the book. I'm a Canadian too, by the way.

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant blog post, and how gorgeous is 'Harry'. That's the kind of reader everyone needs!

I hope that the book launch goes really well, after going to D J Kirkby's launch I have to say you have picked a great venue. I was the 4th person to turn up for that and the man there (I am rubbish with names) treated us to his own brand of stand up - he was so funny and entertaining. Kept the conversation flowing anyway.

I hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating your book.

Rebecca Emin said...

PS No idea why my profile was not linked to that last one, apologies.

Sue said...

Woah! Way to go, Sparkx. Lovely news. I'll ask my aunt in UK to pick up a copy for me. She's into kid lit as much as I am. How would I go about getting it autographed, do you think? My aunt lives in Warrington and I also have a friend in London.

Sparx said...

Rebecca - the chaps who run the bookshop are great, they've been really supportive as well. Very sorry I didn't make it to DJ's launch, glad that it went well though.

Hi Sue! That's so kind - you can order it on Amazon and also from the publisher, I'm sure they both ship internationally, or you could get them to ship to anyone in the UK as well.