Tuesday, February 09, 2010

being home ill

Well, just what I always wanted, having to take a holiday day because Charlie has been excluded from nursery for having a runny tummy. I'm not sure what's worse, him being ill (which judging by his performance today, he isn't) or me having to waste a holiday day during an exceedingly busy period at work.

I'm still not feeling tippy top after a few days of illness, although have managed popcorn and a banana today (soooooo healthy.....) but given I don't have to struggle into a desk through cold weather and rush hour traffic I could easily put in a day's work so really cannot justify a sickie.

What's lovely however is us hanging low together. I'm getting some work done and we're being very very lazy. So far today he's painted a picture, eaten copiously, watched 'Shrek', played computer games and, er... lordy I think that's it. Currently he's playing 'Shrekcart' on my iPhone, a device which is possibly under-rated as a babysitter; although earlier on he took a picture of me in all my morning glory and I caught him right in the act of posting it onto Twitter so I admit to the possibility of being wrong on that one.

Shortly we're going to head to the park to get some air which will probably do us both some good.

Today has all the redolence of a day off school when I was young and I've realised why - because that's exactly what it is, only this time I am in the place of my own Mum; trying to get some work done while amusing my bored offspring who is well enough to feel restless but not quite well enough to be insistent.

He's cuddly and funny and sweet and is playing by himself the best he can, given that he is only 3. It's cold outside, warm inside and I see a lovely warm bath and an early bed in our future... and a weekend of work; but that's a few days away and for now, we'll just eat our cheese toasties, get into our warm clothes and go and feed some ducks.



lady macleod said...

"...posting onto Twitter"! I've said it before - Spud is genius material.

Here's hope that you BOTH feel chipper on the morrow. Or put him on an airplane and I'll pick him up and take him skydiving with me.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Duckies are a cure-all, you're on the right track. And hey damn it popcorn is a source of fiber and bannanas are a super fruit so I say good for you, now go have some ICE CREAM and get your calcium!

Sphinx said...

Enjoy your warm bath, cheese toasties, cuddles and an early night - I hope you both feel better tomorrow.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Sounds like a perfect sort of day to me.. especially that end bit with a warm bath and early bed. You enjoy it... x