Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beans beans glorious beans.

We're having eating!! Apart from various battles fought on the field of the dinner table, since having the chickenpox the spud has insisted on being bottle-fed like some sort of veal calf.

He's been downing upwards of 3 pints a day on good/bad days and eating almost nothing. A few days ago however he woke up, demanded breakfast, ate a bowl of cereal, drank some juice and then proceeded to eat all the way through the day, finishing off this evening with four fish fingers, a big plate of rice and pepper, half an avocado, a small carrot, a kiwi and two glasses of milk. Hooray!

A short amusing note that I forgot to post last week after the big standoff is that the one part of the dinner that the spud refused to eat was the green beans. He loves green beans. He has eaten dinners in which he has picked out the green beans, eaten them all first and then announced he was 'fished'.

So, the other day when we had our standoff, which has, I possibly need to inform the odd passerby, helped quite a lot in terms of overall spud behaviour, he ate his fish fingers and a pea or two but the green beans were met with quite a show of distaste and some pretty jaw-clenching rejection. Since he'd eaten the rest of his dinner with gusto however, I let the poor beans go... or rather, I scarfed them myself.

The spud's nursery has a system to tell a confused parent exactly what one's offspring has eaten during the day. A filled in circle is one helping, a line next to it is seconds.

Imagine, therefore, how far my eyebrows rose on entering his nursery the next day, the next day, mind you, on examining the food chart and seeing not only a full circle but four, mind you, that's one two three FOUR lines next to the words 'green beans'.

Ah yes, I may have won the battle but clearly, I am not taking home any prizes.


SandyCalico said...

Glad he's eating again.
My toddler has thrown most food from his highchair this week. We went to his grandparents yesterday where he at everything he was given with gusto! Typical :-)

Lisa (Jonnysmommy) said...

Ah, good. I'm not alone in this weird "not eating, now I'm eating" stage. One day my child is wolfing down food, the next he's "Waaaa! No! No!"

Today I tried the old standby--mac and cheese. Nothin'. Not even that. Apparently only daddy can feed him now and that was fruit snacks. Whatever~!

Sparx said...

SandyCalico - seems to be the way; I guess it's control at home they're looking for.

Sparx said...

Lisa - yes, Daddy can usually get food into him on an off day (although not recently). I'm the one who puts himn to sleep though, make of that what you will!!