Friday, May 29, 2009

Me and my...

Friday and an all-day-spud-day here. It's been boiling hot here and we started out with a little picnic in the park with some friends. After much eating and running we had an actual nap and after that we went to the Brixon Lido for a swim. Yes, that's right. Swimming outside. Madness.

As we were walking across the park with the sun behind us I waved at him and my shadow waved back. I pointed at it - 'look' I said 'it's Mummy's shadow' (because I STILL bloody talk about myself in the third person in front of my son). 'Ooh' he said and he waved too. 'Look, it's Charlie's shadow (because he always talks about himself in the third person too.... er, is this cause or effect? Why didn't I notice this before?). We spent a few moments waving to each other and we carried on to the pool.

Tonight I read him his final story of the night and turned out the light. 'Mummy' he said 'Where's my shadow? My shadow's gone!' We then had ten minutes of me convincing him that his shadow goes to sleep when the lights go out before I could leave the room.

Well done me; one more thing the spud can fixate on before he goes to sleep. Well done.


Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Good job mom! Ack, what can I say? I've done similar things meant to drag the bedtime routine out to another 20 stinkin' minutes apparently. He's always looking for an excuse for that and for getting out of his baths. Oh the terrible much bloody fun.

Mum said...

Enter J. M Barrie left: Is he ready for Peter Pan? That was one of the Disney films I loved - I'll bet he'll cry laughing at the crocodile.

Sparx said...

Hi Lisa - Yes, any excuse for any delay. 'No bath' and then 'no let bath down plug-hole' and then 'no pyjamas' and then 'airplane pyjamas'... ack.

Mum - poss too young I think... might terrify him!