Wednesday, February 04, 2009

snow go

Have a little peer through the trees and climbing frames there and you can see two little igloos which are the sum total of the inventiveness showed in our park during our record snowfall which put everyone out of work for the day on Monday. I, of course, cough cough, would have done something WAY more inventive if, er, you know, er, I had. And that.

I took the spud to the park today partly to get some exercise but mostly so that I could scope out the mass of snow sculptures that surely must have sprung up... I mean, nearly a foot of snow, an unexpected day off, a park full of people and... well I was hoping for snow mermaids and castles, dragons and elephants - at least a forest of snowmen. But no. No, what we have in our park is at least 100 Very Large snowballs. The place looks as though a busload of giant children have played in the snow and are now tucked up in front of their giant fireplaces dunking pillow-sized marshmallows into vats of hot chocolate.

Everywhere there were giant paths down the slopes ending in boulders which simply sat where they had ended up, presumably too heavy to go anywhere else, too large to lift anything on top of and too filthy to sculpt. Kinda says it all really.

Makes Brixton look lovely though, hey?


Jonny's Mommy said...

What? No one creative enough to create something amazing?

Yeah, probably wouldn't happen here either, even with all the snow we do get....

Michelle said...

Maybe it's the lack of experience that caused the less than creative snowballs! Such wonderful pictures, Sparx!

Sparx said...

JM and Michelle - I wondered about that - I'm not sure it's lack of creativity, more lack of experience as you say Michelle. I've seen big snowballs in parks before after snow but assumed they were melted snowmen. There was such a good vibe in the park on Monday, hundreds of people out of work for the day playing in the snow... you'd think someone would be more inventive though hey? Only saw ONE snowman!!!