Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And that's that

Just a short one for any of you out there who really want to know what happened when I was re-united with my kid after 5 days.

He walked in, acted like I wasn't there and then yelled at me when I picked him up.

I was like 'Hm, next time I'll go for 2 weeks'.

It was a different story at bedtime when his arms and legs grew an extra foot each and wrapped themselves around me so that I couldn't shake him off into his cot and he proceeded to wail gently into my shoulders for half an hour on the nursery sofa. He woke up every hour until we took him to the Big Bed, where he wrapped one arm around my neck and every 20 minutes or so woke up to kiss me on the chin.

I know, pukey, hey?

Anyway, I am satisfied that he missed me, which is, of course, All That Counts.

Live from the world of Motherhood - over and out.


Jonny's Mommy said...

Pukey? No! Adorable and sweet and I feel all weepy. This has been happening a lot this week. It is either PMS or I'm preggars. I'm thinking PMS because I'm too busy to do the thing that needs to be done to get preggars. Ha!
Such a sweet little update for us. Thanks, Sparx and welcome home!

BOSSY said...

Very sweet. Bossy is hoping her son wakes every few hours while at university come fall.

Lola said...

Aah, how lovely - and both of my predictions were right! Welcome home.

Elsie Button said...

Lovely - and we'd expect nothing less! - he must be thrilled to see you home, the Frog too i should imagine! When I went to London for one night, when I returned Betty gave me the cold shoulder for about 3 days!

Anonymous said...

10-4 Motherhood.
Um, does this post remind anyone else of the way their pets act after a trip abroad? Children and household animals are akin on soooo many levels! Well then, welcome home!

Rob Clack said...

I have given you an award. Please be in fancy dress when you collect it from my blog!

Sparx said...

Jonny's Mummy - are you sure? Not going to wee on a stick just to check? Thanks for the goodwill and thanks for popping over!

Bossy - yeah, but wouldn't all those reverse-charge phone calls absolutely Kill your bill? Great to see you in our humble abode...

Lola - yes I know, the third option, a little of both! Thanks for coming by!

Elsie - I can imagine Betty giving you the cold shoulder... I think she could take Charlie any day of the week! Great to see you.

Jennie - Ha! I got an amazing greeting from Sammy though, he acted like I was made of sardines! Thanks for dropping over to see us!

Rob - oooh, I'll have to dig something out of the dress up box! Thanks!

Jen said...

Well, then, all is right in the world of motherhood. But you didn't tell us how much the Frog missed you! Now, we don't need ALL the details, mind you, but a few would be helpful.

Suki said...

Hahahaha! There's the perfect Hindi word to describe this - abhimaan . The whole mishmash of feeling betrayed and somewhat hurt with a whole range of other emotions on the side.. get what I'm talking about?

Cute little Spud, hope he sleeps better tonight :)

jenny said...

CAtching up on being away a few posts. Welcome back home!

I can't even go to the food store without the girls wrapping themselves around me legs begging to come along with me. Then when I get back, it's all "yay! Mommy's home!!" with Middle looking at me all atonished going, "You came back!"

I've never had a night apart from the girls since Oldest was born. No, really! I have no where to go! Where would I go?

Of course he missed you!! He just had to make you work for it a little bit first! :o)

She's like the wind said...

I know that gut wrenching feeling you're talking about when they are so close, rising with excitement to see them, check them over, touch them, have them back in your capable hands, only for them to drop you like a brick and leave you disappointed, gutted and then smoothered later on. Perfectly told. The spud so deserved to be in the big bed that night. What could be nicer than big kisses during the night. Aww.

Sparx said...

Jen - well, you never can tell with the Frog. I think I may have been missed. I think my turns at getting up in the night were missed most though! Great to see you, will pop by for a catch up soon!

Suki - abhimaan, what a great word. Can't work out who it applies to more though, me or him! Will pop over to see you soon, excellent to see you.

Jenny - wow, that's an achievement, no wonder they hate it when you leave! I tell you, I'm not jumping on any planes for a while after that! Fab to see you.

SLTW - You hit it on the head... sad, isn't it? Does it ever get any better? Will be round to catch up with you soon as well, Fab to see you popping over.

DJ Kirkby said...

Awwww how adorable! My fave post this week, makes me feel all warm and gooey!

ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

I have been separated from my boys, The Hair and the Spare for hmm let me see now --- 7 days. There is a big (hole)ache where they usually are. It goes away each time they call to have me sort our some (silly ass) vitally important quarrel or report the loss of a cell phone or glasses. But it always comes back. As for the Mensch -- how I am managing to breath without him is a mystery to me. Thank God some systems are automatic! Welcome home!

Jonny's Mommy said...

No need to wee...the sign that I'm not came and no need to ask anymore questions! Yeah! Because like Elsie, I'm having too much fun with my little one and want to wait a bit...though I am interested in another baby someday

rachele said...

10-4 Good Buddy! How I love the world of Motherhood from your eyes :) What a reunion with your sweet boo. I loved reading all of your posts while you were preparing for, on, then returning from your trip. My heart wrenched right along with you and I was on the edge of my seat to hear of the reunion. I'm still "scattered boob lady" so no trips away for me in the near future........... so thanks for the vicarious trip!

Sparx said...

DJ - it was, I admit, sickeningly cute and gratifying and almost unsupportably sweet... great to see you!

Helen - oh, well done you! How much longer? Great to see you, will pop by for an update!

JM - Hey, I'm with you on all counts!

Rachele - you know, I was so looking forward to going away for the first time too! Great to see you, thanks for the kind words - will pop over for a visit, it's ben a while.