Saturday, January 27, 2007

The magic sleepsuit

Once upon a time there was a very little boy, a baby in fact, who wouldn't go to sleep. This little baby wanted to stay up all night and do whatever his parents did, even though he was very tired.

At 6:30 his Mummy would give him a lovely warm bath, a massage with calming oatmeal lotion, put him in a nice new clean nappy and dress him in one of his many sleepsuits. He would be very happy. He would also be hungry, so his Mummy would lie down beside him on the big bed and give him a nice dinner. He would nurse happily for a while and then, contentedly, he would fall asleep, resting on his Mummy's warm breast.

The little baby's Mummy would be very pleased. She would carefully swaddle him in his favourite blanket and tuck him under a nice cool sheet and another blanket and leave him in his cot with a nightlight to keep him company. Off she would go to prepare dinner for the little baby's Daddy, looking forward to the nice evening they would spend together while the little baby slept like an angel.

However, when the little baby heard his Daddy's voice he would wake up very excited. When his Daddy didn't come in to see him, he would start calling and crying until someone came in - and that was it, the little baby would be awake and no amount of food or rocking or music would make him go back to sleep, he would rather lose his voice then be left in his room and the little baby's parents would have to forgo their evening together and instead spend it making the little baby happy.

This went on for a while until one day, the little baby's Mummy found a magic sleepsuit from the mystical land of Ca Na-Da. This sleepsuit was not like the other sleepsuits the little baby had. It had a zip instead of pop-studs so it was easy to put on. It was made of fleece, not cotton and so it was warmer and cosier than the other sleepsuits. The little baby liked this sleepsuit and when his Mummy put him in it, he smiled a lot.

The little baby's Mummy zipped up the sleepsuit and put him on the bed for his dinner. When he fell asleep, she swaddled him in his favourite blanket and carefully carried him to his room to put him in his cot. She put him under his cool sheet and then put the other blanket over him - but only over his legs as the magic sleepsuit was so warm.

When the little baby's Daddy came home, he and his Mummy waited for the little baby to wake up - but he didn't! No, all through dinner, the little baby's Mummy and Daddy were able to talk to each other and eat! After dinner, the little baby's Mummy woke him up to feed him and he went back to sleep - and he slept The Whole Night Through.

Ever afterwards, whenever the little baby wore the magic sleepsuit, even if he wouldn't go to bed right away, once he was asleep he would always sleep The Whole Night Through. Now, the little baby's Mummy and Daddy say a prayer of thanks every night to the god and goddess of Ca Na-Da, Ontyshlee and Unca-oto and the little baby always sleeps... like a baby.



joy said...

Mmmm, I wonder if my kitty, Tito, could fit into a magic sleepsuit. Forget the kitty, I could use a magic sleepsuit! It sounds heavenly!

Sparx said...

I could use one too! It's from Roots in Canada and it is The Business as far as sleepy babies are concerned!

Arban said...

Wow! That's so cool!
What are you going to do in summer though?
Just day at a time :)