Friday, September 01, 2006

on and off and on and bugger it

Up since 4:15 or so with very hard pains - but very, very far apart. Far apart enough, in fact, to fool one into thinking that sleep may be possible and then just when one is drifting off - they attack.

The cat is most put out by this... he tried half-heartedly to sleep on my pillow but has given up and gone back outside.

Given that we've been mainly awake for the last hour we got up and the livingroom is now half prepared with the pool collapsed in place on a sheet of plastic. Back to bed with hot chocolate to wait it out.

...and here comes another one...



Hoto said...

Little blighter, makes me cramp
Pushing, squeezing little scamp,
Back is sore, brow is damp
Come on Charlie, come on champ.

Soon my patience will demand
Going against the current plan
Reach inside and without command
Yank him out with my own bloody hand.

Anonymous said...

So exciting ! Re timings I reckon late this evening or early hours of tomorrow so my money is on the 10pm-12.00am slot (let's hope I'm being overly pessimistic). I won't call as I have a feeling you may be a little busy for the next few hours (!) but if you get fed up between contractions or the whole thing slows down again then give me a call. Jane XX
PS - have hangover as a result of much toasting of your labour last night with multiple vodka shots.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we're opening the books on it, I'll opt for the 8.00-10.00 evening slot (obviously I'm no expert!!). Sounds as if you're bearing up well there hon, thinking of you!

Very exciting. Sarah xx