Friday, September 01, 2006

Carrying off...

Well, it's all slowed down... stopped in fact. Which means I'm going to bed now.

Several of the women I have met recently who have had their babies have had this happen - you get all worked up and start timing contractions and then like cockroaches in the light they scuttle away... and you know they're just waiting for you to stop paying attention before they scuttle back and surprise you over breakfast...




Hoto said...

Family Planning for 9/1

Auntie Shell says 3-4am, GMT
Uncle Hoto says 10-11am, we'll see.
Granny H says 5-6pm, (pessimist).
Grampy B says 3-4pm, (realist).
A bottle of booze for the winner;
Bets off at midnight (GMT), sinners.

Jen said...

Pseudo Aunt Jenny says 10-11am.
Hoto stole my idea. Bastard.