Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The weighting...


6 more pounds in a week and a half. Proof that the less you move, the more you gain. I'm still eating the same amount of food but due to this embarrassing waddle I seem to have acquired which disqualifies me from the world of people who can run, jog, skip, power-walk and, oh, stroll, stand up quickly, stand up for more than 5 minutes... anyway, due to the waddle I can't expend more energy than I am eating at the moment and boy is that a mistake.

Short of going on an all-cucumber diet, this fast-tracking to post-partum obesity can only be ended by the birth of the blob - something which is now astonishingly within 3 weeks of becoming a reality. Or five, if he hangs around.

Both my witchy friends who are due within 3 days of me have had their baby's head engage. My new friend from the ante-natal class who is due 4 days after me has had her baby's head engage. My friend in Canada who was due last week had her baby last week. Just me standing around getting fatter and being plain old pregnant...


Hoto said...

Stretching the Refrain

A preggo young Steph once complained,
That her pregnancy left her quite strained.
The pounds she had gained,
Made her sprained, drained and pained
While from birthing, her offspring, refrained.

So from eating, young Steph did abstain,
And her midriff, she hoped to contain.
Treats she distained,
But it seemed preordained,
That her belly would not be constrained.

So her diet, it was self-constrained
Not the tiniest bite entertained
But despite the refrain
Natures course was ingrained
So the fridge, by her hubby, was chained.

Sparx said...

you used 'constrained' twice. You must get a new dictionary.

I expect a compilation of all of these by the way.

Hoto said...
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Hoto said...

You complained.
You rained on my refrain.

I've been reined.