Thursday, August 31, 2006

The waters of denial...

...have officially broken.

Obviously my whingeing last night did the trick... or perhaps it was that curry?

Am getting a few 'tightening' type pains and the odd distant-relation to a contraction but nothing earth-shattering yet. Am about to sew the last black-out blind and then go for a walk in the park with D to try to hurry things up.

Will keep posting as things develop.


Hoto said...

Water has Broken
by That Stevens' (visit)

Water has broken, like a burst sewer
Feeling the cramps now, like a big turd.
Praise for the midwife, fucked-off and left me
Said: "Could be tomorrow, could be the 3rd."

Mine is the boredom, painful contractions
Like my poor cervix, stabbed with a knife
Let it be over, let him come out
Then I'll become a ... shut-in housewife

Wait for dilation, wait for the pain
Jump in the blue pool, starting to strain
Enthusiasm's starting to wane
Give me painkillers, give me cocaine

Belinda said...

She going to laugh this one out

Jenny said...

Just as soon as I manage to control the epic, choking mirth presently threatening to betray the bare tentative control I'm normally capable of applying to the maintenance of my poker face in such a way that I'm not in immediate danger of convincing everyone I work with that there's something even more tangibly wrong with me than they'd hitherto surmised...

I'm here too. With you.