Friday, October 02, 2015

Sunny day...

I am out of work and, due to various tedious, middle-class reasons that have to do with insurance forms, today I have been to the job centre to sign on.

I did this same thing for the same reason 11 years ago and to be honest, it was not as grim as I expected.  I confess however that I was expecting it to be a lot worse this time, given that the  job centre nearest to me is being converted into luxury apartments (yes, really), and I have been sent to the giant Brixton Road one
where they lock the loos to stop people shooting up in them (yes, really).

I have to say though, the whole thing was brilliantly done and I'd like to commend the staff there for making a huge effort to be human.  In fact I began to wonder if my career aspirations are really worth the agony of the day-to-day slog  that I've been doing for the last 7 years.

The woman who did my initial interview was funny,  sweet and relaxed; the chap who checked my papers was smiley and kind, the security guards were friendly and I got convinced to sign up to a free boxing class by an incredibly enthusiastic couple of women.

Everyone working there seemed to be really enjoying their day - maybe it was just that this is a good day, the sun is shining, it's Friday... but my intake chap has been working there 10 years and said outright that he loves his job.

I've been informed that I have the luxury of looking for work at my current level until the end of the year, following which I need to revise my expectations downwards... however perhaps I should revised them upwards, towards something that might actually make me happy. 


Brian said...

I know the feeling,but things do change and life can be more interesting for it. I have just started a training course so I am locked into that for the next few months re-skilling.
Take it easy Stephanie and hopefully your dream job will come your way soon.

Sparx said...

Thanks Brian - just saw this comment.

Brian said...

Happy New Year Stephanie, I hope you find the job of your dreams this year.