Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year?

And in it comes, the new year, dragging us reluctantly behind it; full of phlegm and snot and all sorts of other things that have emerged from various cavities during the holiday season.  Deck the halls?  Deck the walls, more like.  We've had flu (me) a runny tum (Charlie) vomiting (the Frog), a chest infection (me) a cold (Charlie and the Frog) and, er, a hangover.  Me.  Sadly.

Resolutions?  Nothing so bourgeois in this house, no no no.  No, I find myself facing each new year as though standing in the path of a herd of panicky buffalo - rooted to the spot and dithering over which way to run first.  In fact, I'd rather time didn't move quite as fast as it does, thank you very much; I'd be quite happy for it to stop all together, at least for a month or two; enough time for me to get a few things done on last year's 'to do' list.

Perhaps I should take my 'to do' list and call everything on it 'resolutions'; might make them sound more exotic and give them a sort of dead-liney feeling rather than the feeling they currently have, which is of a sort of grey pile of heaviness that occasionally shifts and throws me off-balance.  Not a bad idea, in fact, giving my guilt a deadline.  Until I miss it of course.  Actually scrap it; the last thing I need is more guilt at things undone.  So, no resolutions for me; no 'in with the new' - more like 'in with the same'.  Quite comforting really, to be honest.

Hm.  Anyway, so here it is, 2011.  Maybe we should all plan to have a global cup of coffee at 11:11:11am on Nov 11 - that's the sort of deadline I might be able to achieve, frankly.

Happy New Year everyone - happy blogging, happy families and I'll see you at the other end; hopefully.


cactus petunia said...

Happy New Year! Maybe when we all meet for coffee in November there can be a ceremonial burning of the To-do lists. We can use Round Tuits as kindling.

That's Not My Age said...

Oh I like a to-do list so I won't be burning mine but I'm up for a coffee in November - so long as you wear your Vivienne Westwood jacket!
Happy 2011.

Sparx said...

Cactus! I'm with you - burn the lot. Mind you I'm not sure I can function without them... my to do lists run my life.

TNMA - Aha, now that sounds like a good plan! I need an excuse to wear that! I can't get away from to do lists either really, without them life would be complete chaos.

Elsie Button said...

And a happy new year to you, funny blogger!

just saw your christmas pic on previous post - i always look forward to your annual pic - love it!


Sparx said...

Happy New Year Elsie!!!

darth sardonic said...

i'm down with the coffee, and yeah, i sorta feel the same about resolutions: meh, whatever, i got shit to do. lol. happy new year!

Sparx said...

Darth - gotcha! Happy happy!

Twain12 said...

Happy Belated New Year...I truly enjoyed your Book btw and what a great message