Monday, November 08, 2010

Why you always get sick on planes...

Well that was a laugh. We're back from 2 weeks in Canada, having contracted a wicked lurgi on the flight between Vancouver and Calgary. No fun really. It took the shine off the last week, however it was a brilliant holiday. Here's a bit of what we did:

I watched while my brother let Charlie push the ignition button on his car:

...Then he revved the engine, really high so the car roared. You have never seen a happier boy. And Charlie was pretty thrilled too...

Then there was a bit of this behind the Frog's back (he hasn't forgiven me quite yet...)

...Charlie's used to it now but I'm not sure I am...

Then we did a bit of seasonal stuff which was way fun:

A few days later we headed to the grandparents and did various cosy snowy things with which I shall not bore you... stuff like this:

...yes, that's my Pa, BBQing breakfast in the snow. Well. In a few patches of snow.

Then we went further into the mountains. Charlie was very impressed. You can tell, can't you?

After that there was a lot of whinging about being homesick, at least until the day we took off into the cold to trek to the two nearest neighbours for sackloads of trick-or-treat. Nothing like walking home along a dark and deserted country road with one's 4-year-old to make one wish one had taken the bear horn along for the ride; all we saw were stars, however. Then there were fireworks. Then it was bedtime.

After that we laid low and enjoyed the family until our very good friend Allen came and picked us up for a rip-roaring night in Calgary with old mates. Shortly after that Charlie decided he had a fever. I debated missing the plane and settled for dosing him up. The fever abated. We got on the plane. I apologise to everyone who was on that plane.

I have worked out why one always gets sick on planes however. I reckon loads of people fly out and back in a week. This is just long enough to pick something up on one plane and still be infectious on the flight home, thus infecting another load of people. I see us as just one cog on the great wheel of international plague. I may never fly again.

We spent the last four days in bed. Would have been lovely if we'd been able to move.


Twain12 said...

BBQ in the Canadian lol
Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Awww, sorry about that. Absolute bollocks when people try to convince you the airplane air is clean. Air conditioning is evil, period.

The curls are gone! Same problem here. Now I dare not cut Halfdans curls for fear they will never grow back. Charlie looks like he's ready for college. Sniff!

Sparx said...

Twain12 - I know... and a pancake breakfast with the neighbours to boot!

Jennie - I know, I'm hoping they do grow back... a little. Funnily enough at the hair salon I was thinking about you and Halfden and how they wouldn't be twins anymore!

Anonymous said...

Never mind the haircut - what about that red car thing in the background! Is that a barber's chair sort of thing? GENIUS!

Glad you're back safely xxx

Sparx said...

Aliasse! It is indeed... and he was in some sort of airplane contraption. The ickiest one though was a zebra rocking horse with an itty bitty bike seat on it for babies... a bit to twee for my tastes. But, cut worked. We're back!

Sphinx said...

Congrats on the haircut! Hard, isn't it, to see those curls falling? Now he LOOKs like a big boy - but not quite ready for college as Jennie suggested... maybe next year.
Sorry to hear about the lurgi. Hope you are all well again now.

Sparx said...

Hi Sphinx! At the time I was quite curious to see what he'd look like without his curls... well, now I know! It's funny, it's like his face has completely changed. He's less handsome in pictures but more handsome in real life, oddly... nobody recognises him anymore, it's really funny. Nice to see you!

Iota said...

Glad you had a good time (except the illness). I like your theory re illness and planes. It's just an airborne plague going round and round the world, isn't it?