Friday, September 17, 2010

Fizzing over.

One of the odd things that have happened to me as a result of writing this blog is that companies offer me things. Things to write about. Occasionally, if I think they are good things, I will write about them. I know this is less interesting then, for instance, hearing about me being pulled naked from the sea; but frankly, that's something I'm rather hoping won't happen to me again; ahem.

Click here for a sponsored review of the new Sodastream


Hoto said...

I've been waiting desperately for my nephew to become a prostituted corporate schill and THAT DAY HAS ARRIVED! Woo Hoo!

Way to pimp the boy. I love the cheesy grin in a picture with the product logo and positioning statements RIGHT THERE underneath his face.


This is the gestalt.

Would he perhaps like a smoke?

J.J. said...

Crikey, we had a Sodastream back in the 70s! I loved it, I particularly liked the way it 'farted' when it was ready .

DJ Kirkby said...

You put the banana there on purpose. Don't try and pretend otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy's going mad for one but I'm not sure. We don't drink fizzy drinks anymore so I'm a bit reluctant.

CJ xx

Sparx said...

Hoto - yes yes, welcome to the 21st century. It's all here.

JJ - yes, it still farts...

DJ - no, sadly not.

Crystal - that's the dilemma we've had... we're not letting him really have any, he just likes making them.

Sphinx said...

We bought our soda stream 36 years ago. We use it every single day - mostly beacause I'm a soda water addict. Although we have repaired it a couple of times we are still using the original unit! Value AND quality.

Carol said...

I always felt slightly cheated when I was young cause I was not allowed a soda stream! I really really really wanted one!

After reading this (yes, it was the tonic bit that swung it for me!) I shall make this weekend :-)

C x

Sparx said...

Sphinx - no, really? You can still get the cannisters? How brilliant is that? I'm so impressed.

Carol - go for it, we are using it all the time now... one of those things you don't know you want until you have one - and they're not sponsoring that opinion!