Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birthday Card Boogie

Normally Canada Post is rubbish. Actually that should read 'historically', as life in Canada means accepting that it takes a week for a letter to cross town. In fact, we used to get some sort of grim amusement out of the fact that sending a letter to my Gran in Victoria took about the same time as a letter to someone just down the road.

Birthday and Christmas presents from Canada therefore are expected arrive at fairly random times. Combine this with the recent Royal Mail postal strikes and it is no surprise that Charlie's birthday presents from Uncle Hoto & Auntie Shelley arrived only yesterday.

The presents were great. The card, however, rocks - although not as much as my future Billy Elliot here...


Where does he GET those grooving moves?



Jennie said...

Look at him go!!! Hahaha, thanks for sharing!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

He's a doll! Jonathan loves those cards too! We bought one for his dad's birthday last year and he just kept opening it up and listening to the Superman theme.

rosiescribble said...

My daughter adores musical cards. Once we kept one for 6 months and it still worked!
Why on earth can no-one get the postal service right. At least it's not just the UK. Makes me slightly less frustrated with our current situation.

Helen said...

To truly shake your booty, you've got to be a kid. Adults are too self-conscious to have this much fun!

Wonderful dancing ;) Thank you for the afternoon smile!

Michelle said...

So adorable! Uninhibited and sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Sparx said...

Jennie - I know, shame it's so jerky, he was really gettin' down!

Lisa - we loved the card too until he put it in the washing machine and it dissolved over everything!!

Rosie - it's awful. The thing is, I've gotten so used to Royal Mail being brilliant that this is throwing me completely for a loop. I had no idea I relied on it so much!

Helen - you're welcome. I really hope he doesn't lose that sense of freedom...

Michelle - oh to be 3 again, hey?