Thursday, November 06, 2008

Guest Blogging.

How terribly, terribly exciting - I have my first ever guest blog over at Tara's house: From Dawn Til Rusk! Her blog is ever so fab and I am basking the wild glow of reflected glory at the moment... sigh... So anyway, head over to re-live my birth story... just what you always wanted. I know, I'm so nice to you. Tara's blog however is very funny so go over anyway, go on, go on, gon on.

Actually, for clarity, this is clearly not MY birth story. For that you'd have to ask my Mum. No, this is a re-hashing of the day that Charlie was born, and I, having already contracted blogitis, probably blogged about it before I'd even told my family.

For any of you who have been brave enough to venture over from Tara's blog, hello and welcome. This blog started as a way of keeping my family amused by my pregnancy and has continued for the last two and a half years... although recent posts have been slightly less humorous now that I am faced with the realities of my toddler, his hundred tiny hands and his ability to interrupt what is left of my beauty sleep.

I think that I have to face the fact that there may never be enough sleep in the world to regain what shreds of beauty I may ever have had and, while pregnancy confers a wonderful, youthful glow, there is nothing like having a two-year-old to suddenly display one's Real Age to all and sundry.

Still, thanks for coming over - do leave a comment if you have a minute as it would be my pleasure to seek you out in the next few days.

Forgive me while I go crawl into a vat of face cream.


Michelle said...

I wrote a lovely, long comment which got lost in submission, maybe because I didn't include my e-mail? Will try again later. A great read again Sparx!

Tara said...

Sheesh, can you believe my blog isn't letting anyone comment today!
Just wanted to let you know that am leaving it up for a couple of days to make up for my system's melt down.
Have already had a couple of emails from people demanding to know why they can't comment!
There was me thinking I'd put them off by putting 'poo' in the headline!

Sparx said...

Michelle - ah never mind! Tara has a great blog too, shame you couldn't comment.

Tara - oh, thanks hon, there's no need for that!

DJ Kirkby said...

Amazingly I have never read that post of yours so I am going to do it now. xo

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Great birth story. Should have known you'd 'do it' at home. I did the second time too. But that was a plan -- at least not my plan. Hair Two had some input, or rather output, there!

Helen + ilana = Hi said...

no that wasn't as in was not the plan.

cactus petunia said...

Really enjoyed that post! I had my two at home in San Francisco...back in the olden days when "Spiritual Midwifery" was the go-to manual for home births and Ina May Gaskin and friends were still deliverin' babies down on the Farm.

Home birth is definitely not for everyone, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything!

lady macleod said...

I just wandered over from the usual place because you are just too cute and too funny to miss my dear. Glad to see you are allowing others to share in your fun!

She's like the wind said...

You made it sound fab and encouraging, although I chose hospital as the huuby would have died a death at the suggestion of home birth, took him all his time to stay upright at the hospital! x

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