Sunday, May 11, 2008

lessons learned

It's our last night in Biarritz and we're learned a lot this trip. Mainly, we've learned that we need to have big toys over here to take with us when we go out, or the spud will see someone else's toys and we get this:

(* "Calvin & Hobbes" is copywright Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate, view the whole archive here.)

We have also learned not to forget the buggy when it's his nap-time or he wakes up early and we get this:

...especially in restaurants who don't bring toddlers' food out with the starters

That's not all we learned. We, that is the spud, spent time with our French cousins and all of a sudden came out with 'Non', which is actually pronounced 'nonononononono'. Over and over and over. Whenever something unacceptable is placed in front of one as an option. Such as breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or anything that doesn't involve ice-cream. Or a croissant.

The Frog and I are very fair when it comes to sleep-ins. We take turns listening out for the spud at night and we take turns getting up with him in the morning, meaning that one or another of us is often to be found in bed around the 9am mark which is heaven.

Yesterday morning it was my turn to sleep in however this was interupted by a small, fast-moving root vegetable who (now he is tall enough to reach the door handles in the French pad, curses) came powering into the room, slapped both hands on the bed in front of my nose and started bouncing up and down on his feet at top speed, whispering loving titbits into his Mummy's ears at the top of his lungs. His hair was practically on end. As the frog entered to remove him I asked what he'd had for breakfast. The frog came all over sheepish and admitted that the spud had been stealing croissant and then... dipping it into the frog's coffee. And eating it.

Can you imagine? Funnily enough, not more than three hours later the spud was having screaming arching tantrums in the restaurant. Now, I wonder what could have happened to cause that? ***cough *** cough *** coffee *** cough ***

'Come on spud, we've walked around this square five times in the rain, let's go back to the restaurant'... 'NONONONONONO'

Finally, we learned that the spud, who has always been a daring sort of a bod, has worked out all of a sudden how to climb things. I mean, really climb them.

Firstly, he managed to climb this (please turn your head sideways for this one, I dozily had my phone the wrong way up):

Which makes it absolutely no surprise that he has now managed to climb out of this:

I know that I keep saying this... but life as we know it must surely be ending.

Over and out.



ilana (Helen) Pengelly said...

S.C.A.S. (spitting coffee at screen)We resembled these remarks for years!

Ryan & Michelle said...

Spud's video is my favorite! I loved seeing the way he rolled over that last railing at the top because his legs aren't quite long enough to swing over. Then, he just bounced right up and joined in with all the taller kids. An amazing feat for one so young! And also, thanks for stopping by.

Jen said...

Wow! Amazing climbing! And, I absolutely love Calvin & Hobbes...I have most of them and they totally crack me up. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!

Sue said...

Did I ever mention you scare me?

I've been trying to keep The Bhablet out of the orbit of all climbing related activties/places/people. Because what he does not see may not enter his brain, right?

He tries it anyway.

I tell you, these kids have a crash course before they're born. Probably compete to see who can drive his folks around the bend first.

She's like the wind said...

What a little climber, pictures sum it up so much better than words! xx

Jonny's Mommy said...

I am so relieved to know I'm not alone in the horror that is Toddler Tantrum World.

*sigh of relief*

What should be the simplest things turns into time for all out screaming. What is the deal with that anyhow?

I know..who knows.

jenny said...

"...he can reach the door handles. curses" hahahaha! I love that line!

We actually had to take the door knob off the girl's room door because they kept locking it and then couldn't figure out how to UNlock it and would scream and cry and kick the other side of the door trying to break the door down. I hope that doesn't happen to Calvin, er- I mean the Spud. Make sure you can open all the locked doors from the other side!!

Anonymous said...

I like the new trend for picture stories :)
I also love the fact that I think there are bits of French in the background of the video! Either that or I'm mad, deaf or both.
Climbing is going to be interesting, for all of you!

Elsie Button said...

haha brilliant - those pictures really capture it don't they!

am bloody amazed the spud can climb out of a travel cot - he must be pretty athletic!

glad to hear we are not the only ones to take it in turns to have a lie-in - i have been branded lazy by friends for still being in bed at 9. One word for them - JEALOUSY!!

a spud on coffee eh - that really made me laugh!

Stay at home dad said...

As Elsie says, brilliant. Strangely, you might think, holidays actually become holidays again just when you least expect it...

darth sardonic said...

i distinctly remember those days. i laughed my fool ass off! i like the tantrum/drinks/sleep thing though, that surely works.

Frog in the Field said...

A very, very funny post, as always.
I love the Calvin cartoons.
My youngest is exactly the same!!

Joni said...

I always come away from your blog with a smile...ahh, the joys of spud-dom.

(I like the addition of the drinks to the summary...those pics say it all!)

D-HOR said...

HI!!!!! HI HI HI!!! Ahhahahahaha you're hilarious as usuall :P And I'll have you know that I'm blogging from a Burger King right now for the free wireless and I just totally had to turn my damn head sideways for like a minute to get that picture. Haaaaaa, ah well. Oh Sparx how I've missed you and everybody! I'm glad to see you're doing well :)

Nicki said...

Wow, that is an active little dude you have there! :)

Sparx said...

Helen - good to know it might end one day!!

Michelle - I know, I'm having total palpitations over this one!

Jen - I love them too, I'd nearly forgotten them and now I want to go back and buy them all again!

Sue - they're born with it, you're right! Not sure why I scare you, but all that climbing scares me - he is always looking for something to climb at the moment - argh!

She's like the wind - thanks! Nerve-wracking isn't it!?

Jonny's Mommy - because, if things were easy then we wouldn't appreciate the good times? I'm guessing here...

Jenny - oh goodness... well so far so good, not having to remove handles! That must have been, er... challenging!

Raz - you're not mad nor deaf, that is indeed French - a french playground... yet to see what he's going to climb in our local one!

Elsie - lazy? Lazy?!! I think the word is 'intelligent', don't you? I mean... who wouldn't want to sleep in? Are they mad? Or jealous maybe!!

SAHD - oh, I really hope so! Can't wait for the spud to be your daughter's age, she sounds so enthralling to be around!

Darth - it does indeed... my tantrums are MUCH nicer after a couple of martinis!

Frog - ok, so how do YOU cope?! Actually, I have no idea how you cope, you seem to do double what the rest of us manage!

Joni - thanks! I know you know how it is!!!

D-hor - you're back! Happy to amuse you as always!

Nicki - yes indeed... 'little dude'... hmmm... perhaps I should buy him a bathrobe and give him a rug that really ties the room together!! Thanks!

DJ Kirkby said...

Now that is one little boy with spatial awareness to spare! Could you ask him if he'd share some with us more spatially challenged people sil vous plait? I can barely park the care without running up onto the curb, let alone CLIMB things with thin ropes as support!

Sparx said...

DJ - I know, me too, it's nutso - don't know where he gets it from! Hopefully this means he'll be good at helping his old Ma across the street in 20 years time!

Anonymous said...



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Frog in the Field said...

Sparx what is going on?
You're being targeted by that twit!