Saturday, April 08, 2006

Time Train

Another week, clickety click freight car days of time crammed high with boxes and parcels, mountains of things, stuff, people, I can't open them fast enough, before I've gotten to the bottom of one box and thrown it into the slip-stream another crashes into my lap, jostles for position and I'm buried, laundry un-done, house un-vaccuumed, post un-opened each day another carriage another set of deadlines, no sleep, no rest stations. Stop this week, I want to get off...

Two more days of things to do and another week begins and then thank god for the long weekend, only two things to do for the long weekend and collapse may be possible.

All this with a fish in my belly, a booted fish, fins in baby Docs, squirming about, booting me for sitting still, booting me for lying on one side, booting me for lying on the other, booting me for walking too quickly, I'll give him boots... pass those jalapenos...

And now, a short walk in the park, courtesy of our sponsor, Maya the dog.

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